‘Billie Ellish’s’ New Single: “Everything I Wanted”

Billie Ellish is wearing a yellow jacket. She has on a brown and yellow striped shirt. She has on tan pants and brown socks with yellow shoes. The background is yellow
Billie Ellish's New Single
Billie Ellish- Photo Cred: The Evening Standard

If you were to ask me how to make a commercially successful artist within the streaming era, I would tell you to follow the Billie Eilish blueprint. Billie has been one of 2019s biggest breakout artists, by continually dropping music superior to what you’d expect from someone her age. Her debut album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” is one of my favorite projects of this year. Her unique approach to songs is what makes her stand out to me, and that is no different with her new single, “Everything I Wanted”.

“Everything I Wanted,” is a slow ballad type song, sang over a beautiful melancholy beat. From my interpretation, Billie is saying if she had everything her way, she wouldn’t be famous. She mentions lines like, “I had a dream I got everything I wanted… it might have been a nightmare to anyone who cared.” This meaning that if she got her wish of not being famous any more, it would devastate her fans. What an awful power that has to be. To be able to make a decision that can disrupt the mood of millions of strangers. That is a lot for anyone to handle, especially a 17 year old.

This song offered me everything I could ever want from Billie. I love the fresh sound and outlook she brings to the industry. She and her brother bring an advanced writing style that artists far older and more experienced than them, wish they could provide. I am excited about the next phase of Billie’s career. Her future is bright.