If you never saw the Eurovision Song Contest on Netflix, then you’ve missed out on a whole lot of fun. However, the fun is even coming closer to you. The United States is about to have its version of the show.

By 2021, you’ll be able to either contest or watch talents all over the United States compete on The American Song Content. This is coming after over six decades that Eurovision has wowed European audience. Not forgeting being the platform on which dozens has launched and speed up their music careers.

The Vision Behind American Song Contest

The idea of The American Song Contest is built on Eurovision. It will draw contestants from each of the 50 states in different musical genres performing only original works. The panel of judges compose of identified professional musical artists, chosen by a jury of artists and industry notables. It is also up to the audience to choose the top talents from the 50 states.

As an international singing competition, Eurovision is organized by the European Broadcasting Union. The first edition held in 1956, with only seven states as participants. The idea behind Eurovision was based on the Italian Sanremo Music Festival, and it has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.

Today, Eurovision is the longest-running annual music competition on television, even though it’s new to the American audience and contestants. In comparison, America is not new to musical contests. The likes of The Voice, American Idol, America Got Talent, and many more have always graced our TVs.

What’s the Need For Another Music Competiton?

The American Song Contest is coming at a time when the American people are more fractionalized than ever. With the modus operandi of The American Song Contest, it has is going to be celebrating the diversity in America. It will also be uniting everyone based on our love for music.

On the cast of The American Song Contest is its executive producer, Ben Silverman.  He is one of those that brought shows like Big Brother, The Office, and The Weakest Link to the American audience.