Addicted to Crime Podcasts? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop

Crime Podcasts

Crime podcasts can be addictive. You are not alone; there are also millions like you out there who can’t take their gaze and attention away from crime podcasts. For a fact, the crime genre has taken the podcast industry by storm, and most of us can’t just stop.

That’s the reason why we all still talk passionately about Root of Evil, Dirty John, In the Dark, The Teacher’s Pet, and many others without the eerie feeling of gloom. This may even cement the saying that America loves “bad” things, and the crime podcast is one.

Today, you’ll find the best forms of cold case journalism and investigation in audio format. This has brought the genre closer to crime watchers and listeners. As a podcast detective, have you ever wondered why you couldn’t just wait for the next episode of your favourite crime podcast to be released?

Crime Podcasts

We’ll try to know the reason for this addiction, but before we do, let’s dig a bit further into the podcast industry’s crime niche.

As we are currently experiencing, the golden age of podcasting is being powered by several factors. The crime genre ranks highly on the log. Even with the human cost crime podcast may have, many still find themselves glued to it.

Why can’t we all stop?

1. The Feeling of Preparedness

One of the top reasons for the wide popularity of crime podcast is traceable to the fact that we are getting prepared for a day of doom. As humans, we are interested in threats to our well-being and how we can be ready.

We tend to want to get our survival skills ready in the event of any harm against us. This is why more women are more drawn to crime podcasts as they believe it contains tips on defending themselves.

Learning about crime, event surrounding crimes, and victims of crime are about learning about crime prevention.

2. We’re Relieved We Are Not The Victim

According to Psychologists, the obsession with true crime is due to being relieved that we are not the victims. It’s like a schadenfreude, deriving pleasure from the worries and pains of others.

While it may not necessarily be sadistic, the sense of relief that bad faith fell on someone else, rather than being us.

Usually, crime podcast listeners can relate to crime stories in one way or another. This further fuels their passion for knowing what and how it happened to the victims.

3. The Adrenaline Rush..

Crime podcast is a confirmed source of adrenaline rush in our body. Our body received a jolt of adrenaline for witnessing and listening to cold blood crimes, more as a reward for being bold to be a witness.

Look at a child, seeking thrills that come with adrenaline rush rides a roller coaster or skateboard until it becomes physically ill.

That’s the nature of the adrenaline rush that is sought after by humans. The reason why we all can’t stop listening to crime podcasts.

4. We Think of Ourselves as Crime Solvers

Humans are triggers by the feeling of solving puzzles; we don’t ever want to stop until we find the answers. That’s precisely what crime podcasts does to our brains, make us believe we can solve the crime puzzle, and we keep on guessing until we listen to the next, and next, the trend never stops.

It’s all about playing the armchair detective and trying to guess the perpetrator of the crime even before law enforcement can get to the perpetrators.

In short, people see crime podcast as a challenge that continually stimulates the brain.

5. The Good and Comforting Storytelling

We all can use a good story, and that’s precisely what crime podcast offers us. If you ask anyone why they love crime podcasts, the storytelling will be one of the top reasons.

You know, for thousands of years, people gathered around a fire to tell and listen to stories. Crime podcasts bring back that feeling. This time inside in a more comfortable environment.

People continue to listen to crime stories because the podcasters tell it well.

6. We Enjoy Being Scared, But in a Controlled Environment

True crime brings about real fear and horror. While we don’t want to be the victims, we want to experience what it’s like to be in their shoes.

In our psyche is a need buried, the need to tell a story of when monsters are pursuing us.

That’s the gap crime podcasts fill in our minds and brain.