A Guide on How To Create a Podcast for Newbies

A Guide on How To Create a Podcast for Newbies

How To Create a Podcast,Starting a Podcast

The term “podcast” must have popped up in your newsfeed at least once daily. The term is often used interchangeably with “audio content.” It’s easy to see why: podcasts are one of the most popular content format on the internet today.

But what exactly is a podcast? And how does it work? More importantly, is starting a podcast easy? If you’re curious about how to create a podcast, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll be answering all of your burning questions about how to create a podcast. We’ve got it covered, from what they are to how they work and why you should start one yourself!

What is a Podcast?

Before teaching you how to create a podcast, we need to know what a podcast is. Well, it’s a show you can listen to whenever and wherever—much like the original concept of podcasts.

But podcasts are available on the internet for free (or at least with minimal cost).

The format of podcasts is straightforward. They comprise an audio file hosted on a website. You can then download it to your phone. Or you can listen to it immediately by streaming directly through your web browser.

Podcasts are often episodic. This means anyone starting a podcast can make their show a series. Each episode is an individual story that builds on the previous ones.

How Does Listening to Podcasts Work?

Listening to a podcast is like listening to other radio shows. You can download the audio file and listen on your computer or smartphone. Or you can stream it directly through the web browser.

If you’re using a podcast app on your phone, you must search for podcasts that interest you and subscribe. This way, you’ll receive a notification every time a new episode comes out. You can then download the podcast and listen to it whenever you want.

Starting a Podcast: Audio Podcasts Vs. Video Podcasts

We’ve been talking about mostly audio podcasts here, but there are other options. Video podcasts are also top-rated and often share news, tutorials, interviews, and more.

Video podcasts have a better chance of going viral than audio podcasts. This is because they’re more engaging and entertaining.

And if you’re learning how to create a podcast, it’s worth considering adding a video element. Video podcasts are also great if you’re looking for a side hustle. They can help you build your brand and generate passive income from ads.

How to Create a Podcast: Can Anyone Do It?

Yes, anyone can create a podcast. However, it’s important to note that only some are successful when they first start. Getting good at podcasting takes time and effort. But it’s worth it because it can help you build your brand and make money from ads.

We’ll go over the basics of starting a podcast shortly. Most importantly, anyone with valuable information can create a podcast. You don’t need to be an expert or have a large audience to get started—you need the right equipment and basic skills.

Starting a Podcast: Is It Expensive?

This question is enough to scare away many people from starting a podcast. After all, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the cost of equipment and software. But it’s worth investing in the right tools if you’re serious about podcasting and want to make money.

You can spend less than thousands of dollars on recording equipment or software. You need something that will get the job done without breaking your budget.

Also, the podcast host is one of the most critical parts of your podcast. And suppose you choose a host that doesn’t fit your style or needs. Then creating a successful show and growing an audience will be challenging.

Does It Take a Lot of Time?

Another major worry for people learning how to create a podcast is how much time it will take. Starting a podcast might seem impossible if you’re already busy with other obligations. But in reality, it’s not that time-consuming.

You can use your spare moments to plan episodes, write scripts for each show, and record interviews. Then edit everything together once you’ve finished recording.

The key is to find the right balance between quality and quantity. If you record too many episodes in one day, it will take longer for you to edit them together. And if you only have time to record one episode a week, it might be challenging to build an audience or grow your brand.

How to Create a Podcast: What’s the Simplest Way to Start?

Creating a podcast can be easy, but it takes some planning and preparation. These steps will help you get started:

Choose Your Topic

Decide what you want to talk about on your podcast. You can cover a current event or interview experts in your industry or niche. Or you can record yourself talking about something that interests you. It’s essential to choose a topic that will resonate with your audience and make them want to listen every week.

Identify Your Target Audience

The next step in how to create a podcast is to find your target audience. Then figure out how to best communicate with them. If you’re creating a podcast for business, think about who your customers are. Consider their problems that might be solved by listening to your show. Using Google Keyword Planner or other keyword research tools is excellent.

Get Your Gear

Next, you’ll need to get the equipment you need to record and edit your podcast. This will depend on how much money and time you want to invest in this project and what podcast you’re creating. If you’re starting and don’t have much money to spend, consider using free tools like Audacity or GarageBand.

Optimize Your Audio Quality

Your audio quality can make or break your podcast. So, it’s essential to ensure you have a high-quality recording. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment. Ensure your microphone is good quality and will pick up your voice well. If you plan on interviewing other people, be sure they know how to use their equipment correctly.

Choose Your Podcast Hosting Service

Once you have your podcast recorded, it’s time to host it. Various hosting services are available, but we recommend Disctopia  for beginners. Disctopia have free plans that let you upload as many episodes as possible. They let you host your files on their servers so people can listen via the web or an app on their smartphone.

Post & Publish Online

Once your podcast is hosted, you can start posting it online. We recommend using social media to get the word out about your podcast. This lets people know where they can listen to or download episodes. You’ll also want to create an episode page on your website. It gives listeners a place to go for more information about your show.


Starting a podcast is a great way to build your brand and connect with your audience. It’s also a lot of fun! Once you get started, we recommend reaching out to other podcasters. You’ll see what they’re doing in their podcasts and learn from their experiences.