A Collaborative Tape: “Dum and Dummer” Album Review

A Collaborative Tape

After the recent release of Key Glock and Young Dolph’s collaborative tape “Dum and Dummer”, I took it upon myself to listen and review it. I went about it a little differently though; as I usually look for lyrical content and wordplay. I decided to judge this album based on how much fun I had listening to it. Obviously, when listening to Key and Dolph, you’re not really looking for groundbreaking bars or words of wisdom. You’re listening to the lifestyle they’ve created for themselves, being rich young rappers. The Cars, the diamonds, the plethora of enemies and haters they’ve gained with their success.

Young Dolph and Key Glock

Being an avid Young Dolph listener and a recent Key Glock fan, it seemed like a great idea to put them together on the same album. They both deliver generally the same message (Money and Loyalty are everything), and both live the lavish lifestyle. They are a great compliment to each other and it’s evident on the album. Songs that didn’t necessarily fit Key the best, Dolph often did fantastic on, and vice versa. Songs like “Baby Joker”, “If I Ever”, and “Summo’” were heavily Dolph-dominated, while “Like Key”, and “Cutthroat Committee” were more focused on Key Glock.

A Collaborative Tape: "Dum and Dummer" Album Review
Young Dolph and Key Glock- Photo Cred: Reddit

A lesser-known producer by the name of Bandplay created most of the beats on this album. Quite frankly I think he did a great job. While every beat isn’t Pharrell or Metro level, he did a good job of finding his target market and creating beats based on his customer. Both Dolph and Key would probably sound fine using these beats on a solo album.

Looking at this album from an enjoyment standpoint, I loved it very much. The goal for artists like this is to put the listener in their place and let them experience the lifestyle you say you live. That’s exactly what they accomplished. I believed the talk about the millions of dollars they spend on the diamonds and cars they adore. I believe them when they talked about “flexing on their ex’s” in public, and I believe that they came from nothing and made it here. While I haven’t heard much of Key Glock aside from a few singles, this is a great starting point for me to go back and listen to all his older projects to see if this is someone I’d be interested in.