A City Girl and a Mom: Women Can Do Both

An Expecting City Girl

This past week in entertainment news, City Girls‘ Young Miami, announced that she is expecting!!! While some fans have taken the news as an opportunity to congratulate her, others view it as an interruption to the summer “Act Up” schedule. This leaves the all-time favorite question and concept at the forefront of everyone’s mind: Can Young Miami/ remain successful within her career and take on the duties of motherhood.

Why The Dispair?

I believe Lauryn Hill said it best in her song: “Zion”; “Look at your career they said. Lauryn, baby use your head. But instead, I chose to use my heart.” This song was in reference to the birth of her son, while at the peak of her career. It is amazing how pregnancy is often viewed as a “death sentence” for the career of women. In this particular case, Young Miami. In an intimate video shared by Miami, she reveals to QC record label CEO, Pierre Thomas, that she is expecting. His tone of voice when she reveals the news says everything BUT congratulations. The question is, WHY? Perhaps because Pierre saw imaginary dollar signs magically disappear in his head. Maybe it’s the fact that the City Girls can’t afford to lose the other functioning half of the group. Or maybe Pierre’s personal ‘act up’ agenda suddenly turned void. Why the despair Pierre?

Women can do both
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“Get You Somebody That Can Do Both”

It’s quite comical! Often times, ‘unsuccess’ stories are remembered before the ‘success’ stories are ever mentioned. Yes, there have been cases where women no longer flourish in their careers after deciding to have a baby. Also, yes: there are plenty of women who have had successful and abundant careers while deciding to take on motherhood. The most recent success story comes from the City Girls label-mate, Cardi B. While at the very top of her career, she announced that she was pregnant. Fast forward to over a year later, Cardi B is STILL at the top of her game while embracing motherhood and all that comes with the territory. IT CAN BE DONE; successful careers and motherhood. The two CAN exist simultaneously. I think that Young Miami will be JUST FINE. In fact, I think that the City Girls will be JUST FINE. Have your baby, be a bomb ass Mom, demolish the game and be a City Girl. Because, why not? Congratulations Young Miami!