8 Indie Artists To Watch Out For in 2022

Indie Artists To Watch Out For in 2022

As Disctopia is now one of the Top 50 Independent Music Blogs globally today, we owe it to you to bring to you those we believe are the top 8 indie artists to watch out for in 2022. These independent artists are able to create a significant impact on the world and the music industry in 2022.  

We are quite bullish at to what these indie artisare able to create in the year. While we have our eyes and ears on them, you can also anticipate the magic they are likely going to create. These artists are positioned to blow your mind throughout 2022.  

1. Alaska Reid 

Alaska’s story started with her debut EP Big Bunny which she started by promising not to disappoint us like in dreams. So far, Alaska hasn’t disappointed. A lot was expected of her in 2021 during which she released Always.  

We strongly believe that Alaska will rise from the oblivion in 2022. If you’ve visited her YouTube channel, you’ll agree that this babe has got a lot of doings she’s yet to serve us.

2. Jensen McRae 

There’s one strength that Jensen has and we are trusting her to deploy in 2022, that’s the ability to paint a picture and put her listeners on the scene. We are looking forward to see her use more of her anguished singing voice and lyrical wisdom 

Of course, she’s known to be honest, charming and relatable, we look forward to seeing beyond that in 2022. Jensen, since you’ll be reading this, know that all of us at Disctopia will be rooting for you this year.  

3. Arlo Parks 

Over there in the United Kingdom, we saw Arlo Parks get into the limelight right from her bedroom to making music potent enough to revive dying marriages. We also saw her music address issues surrounding depression and anxiety. All of these was what Parks was doing between  2020 and 2021, and we think she’s not done yet.  

She’s got lyrics that resonates with the struggles of many shooting her into the indie spotlight. We can’t but keep an eagle eye on Parks awaiting what she’s going to do in 2022. 

4. Hovvd y 

We don’t know the reason why they call their music “pillowcore,” may be it’s because of the downtempo and comfort music they make. If you’ve listened to their 2020 single “I’m Sorry,” you’ll understand how nerve calming their music can be.  

As a Music Platform for Independent Musicians, we are optimistic about what the Austin, Texas group will be doing in 2022. Let’s hope they are able to break their own records for their third album.  

5. Lordkez 

For many Indie Music Lovers, it is difficult to sum up the music of Lordkez in a concise manner. Let’s say you are describing her song to anyone who have never heard her sing, you are likely to use the word “moody”, or “experimental.” 

There’s something our editors at Disctopia like about Lordkez, how she transitions between spoken words and gentle vocals. To be frank, Lordkez is crazily talented with a total control and grasp of her own sound.  

6. Reiley 

Another one we have our eyes on is the Faroe Island born Tik Toker, Songwriter, and Youtuber. With a massive following on social media, Reiley is known for his lip sync and dance videos. But as an Indie Creator Music App, we are of the belief that there’s more to Reiley than just lip synced music.  

The year 2022 should launch Reiley into proper stardom since he has the skill, talent and resources to achieve this. More so, he has laid the proper foundation to take the world by storm.  

7. Paris Texas 

This duo showed us magic in 2021 giving two of the best non-album releases. These two have got a crystal clear music imagination, neither are they short on ideas or energy. There’s no better breakout moment than now.  

With the pace at which Paris Texas are churning out good music, we are anticipating more magic from this duo in 2022. Although Louie and Felix have gone mute about new music since October, we are sure they’ve got a lot on their sleeves.  

8. BoyWithUke 

We saw this anonymous songwriter singer release his debut streaming in 2021 and we know he’s got a lot of beautiful music to make. If you’re regular on TikTok, there’s a high probability that you’d have come across some of his music.

Like there’s a lot we love about BoyWithUke, he embodies the true definition of indie music. This guy produce his own music using GarageBand, yet it comes out quite warm and diverse. There’s no way Boywithuke should not be on anyone’s list of Indie Artists to Watch Out for in 2022.