5 Best Podcast Shows of 2021 on Disctopia

Best Podcast Shows of 2021

We are indeed in the golden age of podcasting, and there has never been a better time for podcasting. At Disctopia, we’ve seen and witnessed the growth podcasting, and podcasters have enjoyed in the last year. That’s why we’ll be recommending a few of the best podcast shows of 2021.

Best Podcast Shows of 2021,Best Podcast Shows

There’s a common theme for these podcasts we considered the best of 2021; you’ll find them enjoyable regardless of what is happening around you. It does not matter whether you are commuting to work, cooking in the kitchen, exercising in the gym, or on the clock at the office. Our choice of best podcast shows of 2021 will keep your body, spirit, and mind engaged.

Now, let’s get into it. You’ll see reasons why they made our list by the time you listen to a few episodes;

1. Two Friend Mixes

We hope you’d find this podcast show as fascinating and addictive as we did. It’s the big bootie mixes which they’ve had on for about six years now. Think about dozens of the songs that seem impossible to mix; these guys are breaking the jinx.

If you love music, no better podcast can help meet that need. Here’s a spoiler? Start with the 20th installment of the Two Friend Mixes, and you’d keep on asking for more.

2. The Phileas Club

Many find World news boring, and that’s the narrative that The Phileas Club is set out to change. On this podcast show, people from diverse backgrounds globally discuss discourses making the rounds in their local.

This podcast show intends to create a new conversation in and around the world. This is to be achieved through rational and healthy debates. Regardless of the sensitivities of the topic, we ensure everyone has fun and still be able to make new friends.

3. The Politics Girl Podcast

This is another wild one that we find fascinating in 2021. One of the podcasts challenging the belief that women are less interested in politics. The Politics Girl Podcast is one of those closing the gender gap in politics, and she’s doing it incredibly.

This podcast’s primary goal is to provide Americans with a reason to care and fight. At the end of every episode, you’ll be knowledgeable, engaged, and be better equipped to make a difference in American democracy and governance.

4. Tower 4

We know you’d be interested in this podcast show about a guy in his late 30’s who became a fire tower lookout. While you’ll love the excellent audio quality, there’s much more to love about this show.

To better enjoy Tower 4, this is what we suggest you do; picture the landscape and character when listening. You’ll love this better if you’ve had a taste of firewatch. There’s enough episode now to get you going for a while.

5. Bad Bets

Our list of the best podcast shows of 2021 will not be complete without Bad Bets. The show is set to reveal and discuss selected big business decisions and how it has rocked our world. The current run of Bad Bets focuses on the fall of Enron.

Produced by The Wall Street Journal, Bad Bets bares it all on what went wrong with the Texas energy giant. If you’ve always wondered what went beneath the surface, and the rumors of enormous losses, here’s where you’d know it all.

Final Thoughts on The Best Podcast Shows of 2021

We hope you’ll check out these shows on our list. There’s no doubt that you’d have a reason to want to listen to the very end.

There’s room to update our list, if you can send us your best podcast shows of 2021, we’d listen, and if it’s worth its mettle, it’ll enter our list.