5 Best Independent Music Influencers You Need to Follow in 2021

Independent Music Influencers

Do you know that there’s a close relationship between social media and music? If there’s anywhere you need to be as an independent artist; it’s social media. All thanks to the internet, social media has become an important part of our everyday lives. While you may want to consider other mediums, none has the reach and coverage of social media.

Independent Music Influencers

With everyone now connected from their palms, and their love for music, social media has established itself as a platform for starting a music career. Of course, it’s quite difficult to break into the music industry, but with independent music influencers, you are better positioned.

According to a study, 49% of people rely on influencer’s recommendations. Music influencers often possess a huge fanbase to reach a wider audience with just a single post. Influencers attract an audience that tends to take action based on what they see online.

In this piece, we’ll be identifying indie music influencers that have the reach to shoot you into the limelight as an indie artist.

1. Baby Ariel

With her real name being Ariel Martin, Baby Ariel started on Musical.ly (Now TikTok), where she has 35.5m followers and close to 2 billion likes.

Baby Ariel launched her music and acting career with the name she built for herself through social media. Known for a lively personality, Baby Ariel has endorsement deals with Burger Kings and Sour Patch Kids.

Fun Fact: Baby Ariel was in 2017 named by Time Magazine as one of the Most Influential People on The Internet. 

2. Indie Air

While close to nothing is known about who runs Indie Air, they do a pretty good job showcasing Indie Music’s best.

Every week, you’ll find fresh Indie music videos to feed your soul and eyes. There’s no better place you’ll want your music to be than Indie Air.

Fun Fact: Indie Air has enjoyed about 435m views on YouTube

3. Chance the Rapper

This is one of the biggest names in the independent music industry, and Chancelor Jonathan Bennett has the internet to thank for the success he has enjoyed thus far.

Chance the Rapper started by releasing his mixtapes on digital streaming platforms. He deployed social media to spread the word about his music. Today, Chance has about 13.3m followers on Instagram.

Fun Fact: Chance the Rapper made history by winning three Grammy awards off his “Coloring Book” Project. 

4. Alex Rainbird

While you may think of Alex Rainbird and Beth Paterson as a greenhorn, they are oldies in the indie music scene. With 1.06m followers on YouTube, AlexRainBirdMusic has been in the business of discovering and showcasing indie music since 2011.

Take a stroll to either their Instagram or YouTube page, and you’ll be marveled at the number of both known and upcoming indie artists on display.

Fun Fact: Over 100 incredible indie music is featured on their YouTube channel every month. 

5. Indie Nation

This is one of the most diverse indie music pages you’ll find on the internet. It is run by Mat (that’s all we know about him) with a taste for the best indie music on the planet.

Indie Nation has close to 700K subscribers on YouTube, with about 31.5m views.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot these independent music influencers and indie music channels can do to your career as an indie artist. Let’s say you don’t have the budget to be featured on these pages; you can still see what’s missing in your music from those featured.

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