20 Video Podcast Ideas to Consider

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First off, you don’t want your video podcast to join the 75 percent that will podfade within its first year. Do you that that there are numerous video podcast ideas that appear brilliant but not good enough for you? So, you want to carefully consider different options before settling on that seemingly brilliant video podcast idea.

If you are fascinated with how to create a podcast video but have no inkling where to start. Maybe you have a passion for so many things that it is difficult to choose a podcast video topic. Here are 20 podcast video ideas to get you started.

1. Cooking Show

What better way to stimulate the senses than with the sights and sounds of food sizzling? You can present this and more to viewers with a cooking video podcast. A cooking show can be in the form of an interview where you invite popular chefs as guests.

You can also teach viewers how to cook simple homemade meals. Your show can be segmented into kitchen tips and tricks, kitchen equipment, and how to maintain them.

2. Celebrity News and Interviews

If you are so in tune with celebrity gossip that you know who is doing what in the industry, then you should give a celebrity news video podcast a try. The beauty of this genre is that there is always something hot and trendy to talk about when it comes to celebrity lifestyles.

Whether it is the latest Hollywood romances, breakups, or drama, using video will allow you to show clips of the recent highlights in the celebrities world.

3. True Crime Video Podcast

True crime is one of the most popular podcast genres after comedy. A True crime podcast’s structure is usually story-telling or drama. It makes it easy for people to digest and follow.

Consider adding pictures and motion to a good true crime story, and you will have people anticipating your show. If you are an excellent investigator who knows how to tell a story without boring people to death, you should consider doing a true crime video podcast.

4. Movie Reviews

Movie junkies, critics, and nerds are probably looking for someone in sync with them. You can do a weekly or monthly movie review series where you share clips of some movies you have watched and your thoughts on them.

You can choose a particular genre, like SciFi, action, or romcom, or review all kinds of movies. A movie review video podcast can be about what is in the cinema or the movie everyone is talking about and why.

5. Sports Podcast

If you are passionate about sports and you want to talk about it, a video podcast can be a great way to start. You can do a play-by-play of games, talk about athletes and their careers, or share a league table of particular sports.

You can also adopt an interview format for a sports video podcast where sports analysts and presenters are invited to debate team performances in a season. To make the show more engaging, you can ask your viewers to predict who will win an upcoming match.

6. Gardening

Most people want to start a garden without having the slightest idea of where to begin. How about you act as a guide? You can visit home gardeners with super green thumbs to document what they have in their garden.

One series about gardening techniques and the dos and don’ts of growing wide varieties of plants is one area you can explore in gardening. A segment can be dedicated to experts’ interviews on pesticides, gardening tools, and other areas. And if you have a garden, you can make a location out of it!

7. Crafts

Would you rather read about how to make origami or watch someone do it? It is easier to learn through practical. So, if you have a skill that you can teach, you can bet that there are people who would love to learn it.

You can do a craft video podcast on crocheting, beading, or papercraft. Your craft video podcast can also be for a particular demographic, like crafts for kids, adults, or even pets.

8. Technology video podcast

Are you tech savvy? Fascinated by new inventions? You can make a video podcast out of it. Your podcast can be about a particular area of tech, like robotics, or you could take a bite off of every aspect. After all, the tech world is wide and diverse.

You can talk about IoT in an episode and dedicate another episode to programming. What if your podcast focuses on Q and A in tech? As long as you know how to create a podcast video, you can answer people’s questions about gadget maintenance.

9. Stocks and Business Video podcast

Stock and business video podcasts can be a 10-minute stock market report daily or a crash course on how to trade in the market without getting burned. You can also combine entrepreneurship training with a stock market report.

Better still, you could do a series on successful startups and their founders. Interviewing the Forbes top 30 under 30 CEOs will also fall under this genre.

10. Fashion

A video podcast is a perfect avenue to talk about fashion. The focal point of your fashion video podcast can be on the latest trends in fashion or the historical development of fashion.

You can talk about what makes a certain combination of clothing fashion suicide. Clothes suitable for certain occasions, weather, and body types can also be included in your brainstorming session.

11. News

Reporting about current local happenings and events can make for an excellent video podcast. However, you can do reports on global issues as they happen as well. You can adopt a discussion podcast format where there is a round table for co-hosts and guests to analyze reports. A solo news video podcast can also be engaging if you ask your audience to send their opinions about the issues reported.

12. Gaming

The gaming industry has exploded in recent times, especially with the introduction of NFTs and other cryptocurrencies in gaming. A true gamer needs a community where they can get the latest scoop and support.

If you are passionate about gaming, you can do a series on video game communities, game analysis, and new game releases. You can make it a discussion about gaming and other sectors, like new technology and finances.

13. Chat Podcast

You can make a chat video podcast while lounging in your living room talking to your buddy about anything and everything. Better yet, you can go into the streets to interview people about their day or talk about pets and their owners.

A chat video podcast can be about ‘a day in the life of’ series where the person of interest is documented doing mundane everyday tasks.

14. Fitness

Exercise video podcast where your audience follows your steps might seem a little cliché, but it can definitely gain traction, especially if you add your touch and uniqueness to it. Are you a nutrition expert? You can focus on the type of nutrition for a particular segment of people. Talk about daily habits for a healthy life and show real-life examples.

15. Weirdest Facts

A Podcast about the weirdest facts can take a comedic or serious tone. If you know how to do deep research to find interesting but weird occurrences, you can make video podcast episodes on funny but weird events that are true.

16. Wedding video podcast

There is so much love and drama in wedding parties that it needs to be documented in videos. You can film beautiful moments like the exchange of vows and rings.

A wedding video podcast can also include short background information on the couple and how they met. A wedding video podcast can be about steps in wedding preparations and how to have a dream wedding.

17. Motivation Stories

If you know exactly what to say that will give someone hope or lift their moods with the inclusion of stories, a motivational video podcast might be suitable for you. You can upload a podcast video on how to stay motivated during trying times. Your podcast can also include an advice segment for your viewers.

18. Home Improvement

Home improvement video podcasts have ready-made viewers. Depending on what your focus is, you can get people to watch your show if you keep it fun rather than boring and simple instead of cumbersome.

It will help if you are prepared to teach people how to fix certain things in the house. However, you can also make it a series about how you learn to do certain things at home.

19. Five-Minutes Crafts

Five-minute crafts are simpler ways to do things. So, if you want to upload a podcast video on a five-minute craft, you should make sure it is relevant, concise, and fun. On the flip side, your podcast can be a critique of silly five-minute crafts on the internet.

20. First aid and emergency service

Teach people what to do while waiting for the emergency truck to arrive. You don’t have to have vast medical knowledge for this video podcast genre. You can invite industry experts to share practical knowledge on first aid procedures for various health conditions.

Final Thoughts

There might be so many video podcast ideas floating around in your head for your video podcast. Remember, you need to have the passion to sustain whatever podcast ideas you finally choose. Finally, ensure your video podcast ideas are unique enough to attract the right audience.