10 Untapped Crime Podcast Ideas to Try Out in 2023

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The podcasting world is getting more crowded daily. There are so many podcasts to listen to these days. So, it can be overwhelming for listeners to figure out which ones are worth their time.

That’s why, as a crime podcaster, brainstorming new podcast ideas for your show is essential. You want to stay ahead of the curve and continue growing your audience, right? Therefore, you must ensure that each episode is compelling so listeners will return.

Here are some ideas for untapped crime podcast ideas and topics that could help you stand out from the crowd.

Real-Life Horror Stories

Who doesn’t love a good horror story? If you’re looking for untapped crime podcast topics, try telling real-life horror stories. These can be anything from ghost stories to tales of paranormal activity. They can be more mundane but unsettling, like creepy houses and bizarre murders.

Horror podcast shows with a blend of crime, and horror can be a great way to attract listeners. This is especially true if you interview locals with firsthand experience.

Crime podcasts are popular because they’re both entertaining and informative. Telling real-life horror stories is an excellent way to achieve these things.

Serial Killer Profiles

The 2022 Netflix show, Jeffrey Dahmer, is a country-wide sensation for various reasons. The show focuses on the life of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. He murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

This proves that a crime podcast that covers serial killers can be top-rated. It’s a great way to attract listeners. A serial killer podcast can focus on one killer, or you can create a general series that covers many killers.

The latter option is more difficult because it requires more research. But it also means your podcast will appeal to more people.

Governmental Oversight

Now, this is something almost no crime podcaster would want to cover. Our government has a long history of corruption and misconduct. But this is not discussed on mainstream media channels.

However, this can be a great niche if you’re trying to create a podcast that focuses on crime and politics. Governmental oversight is an important topic. This is because it shows listeners how our elected officials handle their positions.

By digging into the details of this subject, you can learn how our government works. You’ll know what it’s doing behind closed doors. This is a topic that many people are interested in learning more about. So, if you cover it on your podcast, people will listen.

Organized Crime Reporting

Organized crime is one of the best crime podcast topics. That’s because it is both exciting and horrifying. It can keep you up at night, wondering what it would be like if you lived in a city where mafias ran the show.

This is an excellent niche if you enjoy learning about organized crime. You can contact the local police and ask them for information on unsolved crimes. Or you can look into the history of local gangs.

You could also talk to former members of organized crime groups. Then get their take on how they could stay in business as long as they did.

Cold Cases

Cold cases are one of the best crime podcast ideas you can have. They’ve been around for years, and they still fascinate people. A cold case is a criminal investigation that has gone unsolved for a long period. This is usually over one year after they committed the crime.

Cold cases are often reopened when recent evidence or information comes to light. This can lead to arrests being made. So, you can dig up old cold cases and see if you can solve them.

You could also talk to investigators about what they’re doing to crack these cases. Also, interview witnesses who might have seen something when the crime was committed. They usually don’t realize it was necessary at the time.

Intriguing Non-Murder Crimes

Of course, not all crime stories are about murder. Criminals do plenty of other things that make great fodder for podcasts. For example, kidnapping can be interesting if the victim is a child or an adult with special needs.

Yes, non-murder crimes might seem less captivating than murder. But plenty of cases will keep you on the edge of your seat. All you need is your podcaster’s creativity and a good story.

Forgotten Victims and Families of Murdered People

Do you want to make your listeners feel a broad spectrum of emotions? This is one of the top podcast topics you can use to draw in and keep your audience. There are many families of murder victims who have been forgotten.

Maybe the case was unsolved, or maybe it got lost in the shuffle of other crimes happening at the same time. You can tell their stories and bring attention to cases that need justice.

These podcast ideas have the potential to be highly moving. They can also help people learn about how the justice system works.

New True Crime Discoveries

Sadly, people never stop committing crimes. The good news is that this sub-genre is one of the hottest crime podcast topics. There is always a new true crime to discover, and it’s an excellent way to stay on top of the latest headlines. You could even be the first person in your audience to hear about a case. This gives listeners an exclusive inside scoop.

The key here is finding new stories that haven’t been covered by other podcasts or news outlets yet. And when you do, it’s crucial to get the information right.

The best way to do that is by interviewing police officers and detectives working on the case. Also, talk to journalists who have covered it. They will give you a unique perspective on what happened. They’ll also explain how they uncovered additional details.

In-Depth Interviews with FBI Profilers

The FBI has always been shrouded in mystery. Yes, the agency has opened up more in recent years. But its inner workings are still somewhat of a mystery to the public. That’s why it’s interesting to hear FBI profilers discuss their jobs and how they use psychology.

You can contact the FBI and ask for an interview. Or you can contact a private profiler who has worked with the agency. Profilers can give you a unique perspective on how they use psychology in their line of work.

Criminal Psychology Interviews

Who doesn’t want to know what happens in the minds of the most wanted criminals? Interviewing a profiler can be a great way to get an inside look at the minds of criminals. You’ll tell your listeners what serial killers, rapists, and criminals think.

This is one of the best crime podcast topics. It might unravel some of the most mysterious cases in history. You can contact a former or current profiler. Ask them if they will answer some questions about their work.

Profilers are always looking for ways to educate people about how criminals think. So, this is an excellent opportunity for them.

Final Thoughts

The above crime podcast ideas are just a few topics you can use to create your show. You should also do some research on other popular podcasts that are like yours. This shows you what they’re discussing. This will give you some podcast ideas about subjects worth covering in your podcast.