10 Music Podcasts on Disctopia You Need To Hear

Podcasts on Disctopia

We are in the golden era of podcasting, and it’s about to even get better with different genres. While you may be in love crime, sport, or comedy podcasts, these music podcasts on Disctopia will change your perspective.

You don’t have to be told of the unique experience that music offers than any other activities. There’s something difficult to describe that is evoked when listening to music. The word to describe this feeling should be soothing and calming.

What if you can combine this soothing and calming feeling with the addictive nature of listening to podcasts. That’s the feeling that is likely to be evoked with any of these music podcasts on Disctopia.

Podcasts on Disctopia

Why listen to a music podcast on Disctopia?

In less than 60 minutes, you’ll be packing in lots of information. Your perception about a song beat or artist will also be blessed. Music podcasts on Disctopia are about a wide range of topics. We’ve eliminated the voyage associated with locating a good music podcast. Check out this editor-picked 10 music podcasts on Disctopia.

1. A History of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs

Want to learn about the history of Rock and Roll? Then get ready to be blown away by Andrew Hickey. Yes, 500 songs may be on the high side, but that’s what Andrew is offering.

Andrew will take you back to the 1940s and 1950s when Rock and Roll evolved in the United States. You may not know that Rock and Roll is a combo of numerous music genres; gospel, jump blues, boogie-woogie, and many more.

Get ready for a ride into the history of rock music with Andrew Hickey.

2. Songs For Life

Have you ever had to listen to a song that you feel captures your personal experience? That’s exactly what the Song for Life explores. Looking at the personal experience of individuals from the perspective of the song that best captures it.

In the Songs for Life series, celebrities from all walks of life look at their lives’ happy and sad moments. Aside from examining it through the lens of a song, sharing these moments could also be relaxing.

3. Sleep Meditation Music – Relaxing Music For Sleep, Meditation, & Relaxation

Music can help you sleep, meditate, and relax better. In this music podcast on Disctopia, you’ll find the best songs that allow you to calm your nerves and feel refreshed. With the right music, your heart rate and breathing can be controlled.

You may not have realized also, but music triggers your muscles to relax.

No one knows why, but Sleep Meditation Music does a perfect job at reducing sleep problems. If you need to meditate, this podcast is best.

4. Ongoing History of New Music

The history of music is will always be well documented. The Ongoing History of New Music is hosted by the legendary Alan Cross, who is doing good work preserving new music history.

First aired in 1993, it is one of the longest-running podcasts in Canada.

There are no better means to understand the development music has undergone than what Alan has carefully curated in hundreds of episodes.

5. Guitar Music Theory

If you are interested in Guitar, you must have come across Fretboard Theory and Guitar Theory For Dummies. This podcast is by the author, Desi Sema. Let’s assume you are still in a loop about understanding progression, chord, scales, and more; you need to make the Guitar Music Theory one of your favorites.

Desi will make you understand the beauty behind your favorite music and why they sound so good.

You’ll find all you need to play the Guitar better through this podcast.

6. World Café Words and Music WXPN

Hosted by Raina Douris and contributing host Stephen Kallao featuring live performances and interviews of artists. We want to assume you have a thing for live music, then make it a date with this music podcast on Disctopia.

World Café Words and Music cast light on artists that should be in your playlist. Both emerging and existing artists.

7. Lisztonian: Classical Piano Music

Can you recall the rush of blood and the following calmness that followed when you hear the most beautiful piano piece ever? The question should even be, what’s the most beautiful piano piece you’ve ever heard?

Maybe you should prepare your ears and heart as you are about to hear the best of classical piano music. Being one of the top music podcasts on Disctopia, Liztonian brings you closer to Ludwig Van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Frederic Chopin, Cesar Arnold, and the other greats.

This is arguably one of the best classical piano podcast you can ever listen to.

8. MusicalSplaining

This music podcast has the sole aim of uniting those who love and hate musicals. It’s about finding common ground that accommodates their different positions. Right from the description of MusicalSplaining, you’ll know you’re in for a swell time as it brings a new dimension to music podcasting.

The podcast is hosted by Lindsey Ellis and Kaveh Taherian, friends since film school at USC. The idea behind the podcast is creating the difference between Sweeny Todd and The Simpsons.

So far, MusicalSplaining is doing good work finding that common ground.

9. RollingStone Music Now

Rarely would you find a music fan who has not at any point stumbled on Rollingstone? Usually, when Rollingstone is discovered, you’ll see them becoming a fan. Not to worry, Rollingstone has packaged all of the biggest music news into a music podcast for you.

As the biggest stories in music breaks, you’ll find it in Rollingstone Music Now.

That’s not all; all of the interviews you read about musical acts that you read as text, you can now sit back and let your ears do the listening.

10. TED Talks Music

This is probably one of the hidden gems of music podcasts on Disctopia. Imagine being able to listen to our world’s greatest musicians and music researchers displaying their prowess and expertise on the TED stage.

Listening through TED Talks Music will open your eyes, ears, and hearts to the information you need as an upcoming indie artist. As a music fan, you will get to understand the moves behind the scene better.