10 Incredible Advantages You Enjoy as An Indie Musician Today

Technology is seen revolutionizing every sphere of human life and activity. Music and entertainment are not an exception to this.

10 Incredible Advantages You Enjoy as An Indie Musician Today

Just a decade back, we were beginning to talk of the internet as a convenience highly necessary for modern life. During those days, smartphones were just seeing their birth. When we fast forward the scene to this day, we see that nearly every grownup man and women residing even in the remotest corner of the globe are connected to a smartphone.

Also, the advancements in the technology sphere have today made it possible for the artists to launch their careers in many innovative and sophisticated ways that were nearly seen impossible during the early years of 2000. This has eased the life of musicians giving a chance for the budding artists to climb up the success ladders rather by accessing their fair market share. Here are the 10 incredible advantages gifted by technology to you as an independent musician which did not exist just a decade back.

Global Reach

Though you can start small in your locality, you can make your music available to millions of fans and audience all over the globe. The choice of how much wide you want the reach to be is all yours.

Better user engagement

Now you can choose from a long list of mediums to connect with your fans and interact with them. Since the engagements can be interesting, versatile and meaningful now, loyal relationships are budding anywhere and everywhere.

Making the trade easier

Today you can access a lot of online tools and services to run your music business online effectively and easily.

Producing music has become economical

The regular hardware fitted on laptops and a decently priced software can help achieve high levels of quality that are near equal to what is delivered by expensive studios.

Dedicated channels

Going beyond the websites, you can also create your own channels on platforms that boast of a heavy traffic to disburse your music to millions. YouTube and Vimeo are just a few examples. Over and above, the great news is you have 100% decision rights on the content you share.

Ability to self-manage your income streams

E-commerce platforms and some online services designed to manage royalties provide great opportunities to find alternative income sources that will provide you enough additional support.

Distributing on your own terms

Now you can clearly decide how and when you wish to distribute your music.

Branding is made simple

You have access to a host of advanced and simplified software to produce Logos, cover art and many other graphics or you can also outsource them to the designers at economical spending.

Free online resources

No more you must depend on agents to learn about the industry. You have a huge treasure of very useful information and resources online which you can access without spending a pie.

More transparency

Today, the malady of having to depend on middlemen has been minimized. This results in more transparency on inflows and outflows. Hence you get to enjoy higher margins on your sales.

It is necessary for every budding musician today to leverage on all these incredible advantages to the maximum extent possible. By utilizing them ably, you can devote the maximum of your energy to other creative efforts related to your art at the same time moving towards success and financial freedom in every possible way.

By Patrick Hill on July 10, 2018.