Private Podcasts, Audiobooks, & Videos for Schools and Education Systems

Disctopia allows students and teachers to create, expand, and explore new learning frontiers. 

An Entire School System Solution

Engage the whole school community. Disctopia offers a unique and engaging way of communicating with your entire school community. We make it simple.

Private Podcasts,Audiobooks,Videos,podcasts for schools
Private Podcasts,Audiobooks,Videos,podcasts for schools


Keeping Parents updated is key

Parents can listen to short updates or entire school newsletters while driving to work or on the go with Disctopia.

The Disctopia mobile app, your school app, website, or popular podcast apps like Apple Podcasts can be used to distribute private podcasts and videos. The administrator can add or remove members at any time.


Real Methods that engage students

Podcasts, videos, and audiobooks can be used by teachers to deliver lesson content to students directly. Audio or video content is more accessible than written content for entire lessons, revisions, and especially students with special needs.

Disctopia has partnered with the Alexander Art Foundation to provide all Administrative accounts free of charge.

Private Podcasts,Audiobooks,Videos,podcasts for schools
Private Podcasts,Audiobooks,Videos,podcasts for schools


Students should be allowed to create

Podcasts, videos, audiobooks, and even music can be created and shared among students, creating an exciting peer-learning opportunity. Just imagine what exciting new class projects could be created with Disctopia.

The process is simple for students. Students subscribe to a podcast, audiobook, or a teacher and receive instant notifications when new educational content is available. The content is only available to a private list of students managed by the teacher or school administrator.

Audio & Video Assessments

Have students submit podcasts for class projects, assignments, and even valuable feedback.

Peer to Peer Learning

Students are encouraged to learn from each other through Disctopia and class discussion.

Additional Activities

Students can create and share podcasts, audiobooks, and videos related to extracurricular activities.

Learn Other Languages

Disctopia allows students to practice listening and speaking skills with peers.

Why Disctopia?

Private Podcasts, Video & Audiobooks

Users can access private content feeds only by invitation, and school administrators control access to them by inviting or removing users. Content can be generated for any type of audience, for example, all students, students from a particular year or house, parents, school community and supporters, and alumni.

Identity & Access Management

With Disctopia, single sign-on and user access controls (UAC) are standard, in addition to a full-featured REST API. This allows for students and parents to be subscribed to the relevant podcasts as they progress through each year and as their relationships with the school change.

Fundraising Made Simple

You can provide dynamic fundraising campaigns with Disctopia’s Merch integration with your content that you deliver to parents and your school community to encourage support from local businesses and organizations. 

A Trusted Technology Partner

Enterprise-grade developer tools and APIs facilitate seamless integration with existing platforms, including school management systems (SMS) and learning management systems (LMS). Microsoft’s Azure and Microsoft’s school integration platforms make Disctopia a trusted Microsoft Partner

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