Take This Route to Grab a Chance at Being an Opening Act for a Major Artist

A band getting considered for an opening act for a major artist is never a simple thing. If you are wondering how a popular artist will choose a band for the opening act, the answer can have several dimensions to it. Read onto know what can fetch you a rare and highly envied chance of playing the opening act for a great artist.


Opening Act for Major Artist

Get noticed

In the first place, you must know what the headliners look for in the opening acts. This will help you learn what you must do to become that kind of band.

First, understand where they are going to look. Majority of the headliners and their associates will source the information from underground music websites that are pretty cool. In every genre of music, we find at least one that is touted as a good band even before the audience have heard of them.

These websites generally have only a small audience and there might not be a large following. However, those that follow these sites are very important people.

Focus on pitching yourself to these sites. Make them write about you. You can also release a string of singles and promote some events that work great for news. These activities can help spread the buzz about you and make people take interest in you.

Create good music and do something interesting at least once in two weeks that people will talk about passionately. This will help you create a fan base. This strategy can appeal to both fans and writers.

Even if your first attempt goes unnoticed, keep continuing your good efforts. Send messages on a regular basis and do something that flashes on news that can move them to give you a chance eventually.

Get in touch with the right people

Though the teams and headliner might not be attentive to the streets, they might often take references from their friends in the business who are already getting a good buzz. Hence it is a smart move to visit shows in your locality and meet all the movers and shakers who eventually pass through on the tours.

If you have made friends with a band when you were a local opener and have sparkled in the headlines, you are in an advantageous position. It is necessary to be social with those you are playing with. A lot of tours and albums can be locked in from your pre-existing contacts.

Deserve the right opportunity

Become that kind of person that people want to give opportunities to. Be nice, grateful and sociable to all those who you meet, even those on the sidelines. If you can make them feel the reasons why you are worthy to be promoted and that these people feel you appreciate them, the chances are more for your name to flash when they finalize the deserving opening acts.

You must never forget that no one is going to descend from the heavens to tell you that you are the right person for an opening act, instead, you must deserve it through your attitude and hard work. Relentlessly work every day to earn the respect of fans and industry champions.