The internet has made it easier than before to promotes events than ever before. With the power of social media, you can score two critical goals. Firstly, be able to generate buzz for your live events. Two, sell enough tickets for your show. You don’t need a music promoter’s expertise in this instance, especially if you are starting as a newbie.

How to Promote Your Live Music Events

In this piece, we’ll guide you on creating a massive buzz around your show and live events using social media. In the end, you should have a good grasp of how to promote your live music events successfully using social media platforms.

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1. Have a Plan/Strategy

This might appear like a daunting task, but it’s not once you know what you want to achieve. You cannot start publicizing an event you have tomorrow; you need to start early enough.

Let’s say a month before your event. Whatever strategy you put in place should spread over the period. You can’t stop promoting events until you climb the stage. Even while performing, you could still have a post scheduled to remind your potential audience of the show.

2. Let It Gather Momentum

It’s called social momentum, which focuses on consistent, predictable, and sustainable approaches to social media promotion. According to the Content Marketing Institute, social momentum is built on two building blocks; social proof and loyalty loop. How can you deploy these two;

For social proof, your potential audience wants to see that others similar action. Show that others are planning to attend your live events. For the loyalty loop, you’ve got to be able to provide valuable content that will lead to engagements until you reach the plateau.

3. Create an Event

This is where you start the implementation of your strategies and plans. All of your plans should be built around creating an event page on social media. All of the major social media has one form of event feature. On Facebook, you can create an event page, where you invite all of your friends, and it even extends to friends of friends.

For Instagram, you can use IGTV or Instagram Stories to create awareness about your event. Twitter can also be employed in making the most of your events. You’ll need to have a landing page or the event page on your artist website to take advantage of the potency of Twitter hashtags.

4. Come Up With Contents

At the heart of a successful live event, promotion lies content creation. It’s about showing snippets of what your potential audience is likely to get from attending the event. You would be surprised at the reach of your content if well coordinated. These contents should be shared across all social media where you have a noticeable presence.

Imagine being able to promote your event on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter by jumping on a viral challenge. Everyone enjoys watching videos and other visual content, and that’s what you should provide.

5. Schedule Your Contents

Numerous tools allow you to schedule content as long as possible. Let’s say you have a 30 days promotion plan; you can schedule content across your social media on specific days. This means you only have to engage your audience when they comment, share, retweet and like your content.

With the scheduling tools, you will have enough time to prepare for D-Day. These tools also avail you of the best times to post every day of the week. Check out the 5 Go-To Resources For Independent Artists.

6. Run An Ad

While you have tried the organic route, nothing is wrong with trying out an ad on Facebook and Instagram. Before running the ad, understand your target audience and know the social media platform their audience uses the most.

This will help you determine where you’ll be running the ad. Although, if you age a big budget, nothing stops you from spreading your ad across as many platforms as possible.

7. Go Live With Your Event

On the D-Day, arrange to stream your show live. You’ve made a lot of noise on the internet, but not everyone will make it to the physical venue. Yet, they will still want to be a part of your live event. To carry every potential attendee along, create a poll on your social media on which platform should be used for the live streaming.

Facebook Live has proven to be a potent tool in this scenario. However, you also have Instagram Stories that can allow people to watch the show live and even the next day. The lies the crux of how to promote your live music events using social media. It means even after the event, you are still able to maintain and sustain the awareness of the live event.

Final Thoughts

Right in your palms, you have the power to reach million around your event venue and even beyond. That’s why it’s essential for you as an indie artist to maintain a noticeable social media presence. You may not have realized, but YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, and TikTok have created new stars than the radio.

Regardless of what you have in your plan, ensure it does not involve bombarding your audience with posts, updates and contents. Else, you’ll lose them even before the event.