A Step By Step Guide To Getting A Blog Premiere For Your Song

There are a huge crowd and competition over the online music world. Given this scenario, it is not that easy to get your musical creations heard by large masses of the audience. In fact, this is the most important challenge in front of the budding musicians.


Getting A Blog Premiere

To cut through the noise in the digital world and promote a larger following for your song, getting a blog premiere is perhaps the royal road. A blog premiere means that a tastemaker has validated your talent. Furthermore, a blog premiere can open up the gates to exciting worlds of prospects in the form of gigs. Here is how you can get a blog premiere for your song.

Research the net

Spend some time online on your favorite places as well as new locations where you can discover new music. Find out where similar artists have debuted their music. Industry experts say in fact the latter is a better option. Following your favorite artists will get you access to some of the most influential blogs.

Plan the timeline

The right strategy and a meticulous planning will make for the success of your efforts. Draft a timeline of when you wish to release your music. When you have created the contact with your blog, you need to prepare the promotional images, the music or a copy of it for the social posts. It is good to get the premiere confirmed about 3 to 4 weeks in advance. The best idea is to get the blog premiere on the day before the actual release of the track or on the same day of the release.

Approach the bloggers in the right way

Never resort to blanket emails to contact a blogger. Spend some time to discover who the blog editor is, in case of approaching bigger publications, find out their music expert. It is good to be introduced by someone who they can trust.

Choose your music with a due insight

Once you have discovered and contacted the right music blogger, you must focus on selecting the right music in order to get the best impact. It is good to select your most powerful work to make a boom in the very first attempt. Once you have done things right, it might be the first time your new audience is coming in contact with you. It is good to convert them into fans by projecting your best side.

Make the job easy for the blogger

While contacting a blog, it is necessary to make the job easy for the blogger by providing all the necessary information beforehand. Get all the background information about you and your music in an easily readable format and also include any of your achievements or up-coming gigs. Make the body of your email useful, precise and attractive. It is good to give the information in Word format to make ‘copy and paste’ easier. Remember PDFs can be frustrating when it comes to copy and paste.

Make the best use of your premiere

Once you get to the premiere, you will naturally find a bustle of activities around your music and you. Post the premiere links on all of your social media accounts. Strive to make the most of it so that all your efforts turn fruitful in moving you to witness the desired results.