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Disctopia is a dynamic streaming platform and podcast hosting company that empowers content creators with enterprise content delivery, advanced podcast hosting, and over 50 integrations. Our commitment to curation and quality makes them the perfect platform for building a thriving online presence.


With Disctopia at your side, your content will reach the right audience who truly appreciate it. As a content owner, whether you’re a podcaster, musician, or digital media company, our tailored curation tracking systems will help you succeed.

Stream with True Play technology.

Disctopia offers the best platform for sharing your high-quality content. With embedded players with over 50 real integrations, you can distribute your content across multiple platforms, including video, which gives you more power and flexibility. You can choose which range to make available for streaming and which to keep exclusive to Disctopia subscribers, even download options, distribution, and merchandise to achieve your big dreams.

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Disctopia is not only a host for your creative content such as podcasts and music. Disctopia also is a Streaming Platform for your dedicated audience. Our mobile app delivers your curated content worldwide. Your fans, followers, and clients can access your content anytime on iOS and Android. 

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Disctopia subscriptions include top-quality customer service, free support, and lifetime access to original content. You can cancel at any time.


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Upload your albums, audiobooks, start a podcast, along with merch integration. No commission fees, with Collab Pay & Weekly Payouts
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Merch Integration


Designed for content owners with a team to manage. With the agency and label subscription, you will be able to manage up to 7 team members.
$ 99
  • Everything in the Creative+ Plan
  • Team Members
  • Custom Domains

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