5 Faux Pas To Avoid as an Independent Artist in a Live Performance

Even when you are in the best of situations, live performances can be demanding of even experienced artists. As an independent artist in a live performance, expect to be under a lot of stress. One of the most important skills you’ll need as an indie artist is putting on a good show. In this age of live streaming, there’s a whole lot you can make out of music streaming.

Live performances are also an incredible way to make a huge impression and win over new fans.

Independent Artist in a Live Performance

However, being an indie artist does not equate to be a top-notch performer. There’s a lot that goes into live performances. While you are mastering the skills of being a skilled performer, there is also a faux pas to avoid as an independent artist in a live performance.

In this blog post, we’ll examine the faux pas to avoid as an indie artist.

1. Unpreparedness, Unnatural, and Lack of Confidence

Most indie artists suffer from this faux pas even though it’s easily addressed.

All it takes is to practice and rehearse. However, the hard work you invest into practicing will be a goal you intend to achieve as an artist. Look into the biographies and histories of the great performers, whether in sports and music, they practiced a whole lot.

You need to get to a level where live performances become natural and spontaneous. It’s nothing but an own goal to go to a live performance without preparing, and lacking in confidence.

2. Failing to Engage and Interact With Your Audience

You are not a performer if you leave your audience hanging during a live show. There should be a way to get your crowd talking and cheering during the show.

Audience interaction is what makes people long for live performances. You’ll need to get creative in engaging the audience as a performer. It does not matter if you are not the headliner, you can become the talk of the show even as a newbie.

Nothing beats stage banter. You can talk through your music and ask for a response from the audience.

3. Not Being Able to Handle The Faux Pas

Mistakes are bound to happen even to the most skilled and experienced performer. What you need to avoid is letting the mistake define your performance.

The point is that making mistakes is normal, what isn’t is falling apart due to the mistake. While your mistakes may not even be obvious, by failing to handle them appropriately, you are showing everyone you are an amateur.

Leaving your mistakes uncovered during a live performance is one of the greatest blunders you can ever commit. When practicing and preparing, look out for errors and practice recovery.

4. Trying Too Hard To Impress Your Audience

While we asked you to interact and engage your audience, it should not be to the point where you’ll be forcing an uninterested audience. You don’t have to go out of your way to impress a crowd.

Stick with the script and the songs you chose out. Don’t abandon a song halfway because you think the audience is not feeling your vibes.

There’s this cringe feeling that you give your audience when you try to get them hyped up. No need to go out of the ordinary to get the crowd cheering you up.

Don’t be a try-hard, you are likely to fall really hard and that won’t be good for your already battered image.

5. Getting High Before a Performance

You expect it to boost your confidence and give you vibes, but more often than not what happens is the opposite. Some artists enjoy taking a drink or a quick smoke before a show. So far it does not lead to forgetting your lyrics, or the rhythm.

Once you are at that point, you should abort. You should not perform in such a condition, it’s not good for your brand, neither for your fans.

While this is a rare occurrence, independent artists in live performance should avoid it completely.