10 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the Music Promotion Industry

Let’s say you just recorded a few tracks and in line to populate an album. You might have even gotten a few music gigs, but things are still as cold for your music. If your phone isn’t ringing often or not ringing at all, then you need to reconsider your music promotion strategy. For you to be in this shoe, you are a newbie in the music industry, and rarely will you be able to convince the big names such as Live Nation, AEG Presents, or maybe Feld Entertainment.

Music Promotion Industry

Being a rookie, you will need to consider upcoming music promoters. They will help you publicize and promote your performance, organize gigs, and push your music to the right audience. In this blog post, we’ll be doing a rundown of 20 Up and Comers Music Promoters. These music promoters may be new, but they know their onions.

Before moving on, according to Music Industry How To, there are five categories of music promoters;

  • In-House talent buyers for bars and clubs
  • Independent concert promoters
  • Local and regional talent buyers
  • National and international giants,
  • Nasty, slimy and scammy promoters

All of these 20 Up and Comer’s in the music promotion industry will fall into any of these categories. Still, we’ll try and avoid the last class of music promoters.

1. Digital Music Marketing

As an independent recording artist, you need a strong internet presence, and that’s what DMM does. They engage in streaming promotion, social media, digital retail, and direct-to-fan marketing.

DMM has a number of artists who are helping to push their art.

2. Music Promotion Inc.

As music promoters, MPi has represented Grammy winners, that’s to show they’ve got skills as music promoters. It’s all about helping artists connect the dots as far as music promotion is concerned.

MPi offers radio campaigns not just in the US but also in the UK and Europe.

3. Murray Hill Talent

Might not accurately fit into the Up and Comers description as Murray Hill Talent has been in the music promotion business since 2006. Think of MHI as a local and regional talent promoter.

Murray Hill Talent exclusively supplies talents for restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, and other happening spots.

4. Jamsphere

It’s time to take your music promotion strategy to Twitter with Jamsphere. With a twitter following of over 200K, your music is about to be turbo powered among their teeming Twitter followers.

Not to forget that Jamsphere can also get you spots in magazines and blogs at a little extra cost.

5. Another Planet

Don’t be carried away by big names, there are up and comers moving big numbers in the music promotion industry, and one of such is Another Planet.

As an indie artist, give a thought to Another Planet as they are doing excellently.

6. Frank Productions

This is another music promoter who is a rave of the moment among independent artists. Frank Productions is working in synergy with NS2, and this relationship is to the benefits of artists.

You may not have heard much about this promoter, but expect to see more from them soon.

7. C3

For Live Nation to offer to acquire this music promoter for $125 million, then there’s a lot they are doing right.

C3 carved a specific niche for itself in the music promotion industry by focusing majorly on music festivals.

8. Beaver Productions

Famous for working with top touring artists such as Michel Bubble, Eric Clapton, Selena Gomez, and many others.

Beaver Productions is not new but made this list due to how the music promoter has helped numerous artists gain fame.

9. Playlist Push

What this music promoter does is to connect indie artists with playlist curators. This gives their music increased airplay and exposure.

It’s just about submitting your music and be on everyone’s playlist.

10. Starlight PR

As an up and comer music promoter, Starlight PR focuses their attention on up and coming music artists.

Ask for Starlight PR Starter Package for Up and Coming Artists to give your music the push it deserves.

Final Thoughts

Even though we noted that there are five categories of music promoters, we are adding one more; the digital music promoters. Regardless of the music promoter you choose, always look out for digital music promoters who can get you hyped on social media, blogs, and magazines.