Sometimes, it is overwhelming even to think about the number of songs and artists that are available on various online streaming platforms, and also the type of music ranging from classical to the most regional options a listener can wish for.


As an independent artist, who is looking to increase the number of downloads of his/her music, it is a huge challenge to make it through the mound. Obviously, there are many things an artist needs to do, but one is indispensable — creating original music. Yes, it is indispensable because if your music is not original and is not good, whatever you do to promote your music will result in naught.

One of commonest of advice pieces that you can get from established and quality musicians is to make your music personal and telling — there needs to be a story in the piece so that some listeners might be interested in listening to the story. There is no denying the fact that the more you open your soul through your music, the more chances are there to be heard and acknowledged. Of course, it is not an easy process but who said selling music is simple!

If you are not original; did not produce the music in the best possible way; didn’t try to connect with the audience through your music; didn’t have an intention and a special kind of attention given to the piece; there’s nothing promoters or marketers could do for your music. You may get popular like a flash in the pan, but longevity and sustainability will not be there.

Talk to any successful musician and you will get to know that what they did was tell personal stories — stories that were ever told and were new. The act of baring their hearts and being vulnerable is something that connects you to your audience. If you are just repeating what others are saying, what uniqueness you are bringing to your music and why would people listen to you?

It is as simple as that!

By Patrick Hill on March 16, 2018.