When you put a record on any online streaming platform, you only end up providing exclusive access to your music to some users. While most online music publishing avenues are accessible only to their members, it is important to reflect on some facts and explore the other potential avenues that will let your music reach millions out there easily.

In the first place, never be constrained by the big names in digital music. It is not advisable to depend on them alone. The vast landscape of digital music provides you with great options to make your music available to everyone. Here is how you can make your music accessible to the maximum number of audience.

Why going with the big names does not work?

Many of them are device dependent and do not offer the streaming services to all gadgets. Hence, you are leaving out the millions of other users who use other devices not supported by the platform.

Choose at least one versatile platform

Irrespective of how you distribute your music, ensure that you opt for at least one channel that works on all devices.

Get registered with a distribution company

Having to hunt for versatile ways to submit music to the majority of platforms can be a time consuming and daunting task. Distribution companies can provide a great support in this regard by distributing your music to a large number of services at once. With a single touch, the distribution company can enable its members to submit their music to a large number of digital music platforms. Distribution companies work best for all budding artists. Once you set up your registered account with them and upload your music, you will be surprised to see your music on a certain platform. There can be no other easier way than this to target the maximum number of audience possible.

By Patrick Hill on April 30, 2018.