As an Indie artist, it is okay to think that creating music alone is fun and fulfilling, but there is a chance that you have a limited exposure and appeal when it comes to reaching out to more number of people, and also being able to sell your music.

However, if you could collaborate with other musicians and artists, there are some benefits that you could help you cash in. Yes, admittedly, creating music alone offers more freedom, but you have better chances of creativity and experimentation when you collaborate with other musicians.


Here are a few benefits that you will have if you choose to collaborate with others:

It helps in building relationships and expanding your network. As an independent artist, having connections is of so much importance that you will need to devote extraordinary time and energy to build your system. You can even go beyond borders which will help you in popularizing your music in different countries.

Collaboration often expands your horizon of understanding and creativity. It helps in making you learn new things and also experiment in your music, which is considered useful in the modern times. Sometimes, it helps you in bringing more ability and control over your art.

Cross-genre or cross-art collaboration help in presenting a new creation, which sometimes becomes very popular with the audience. Poetry with dance and music with drawing are some of the favorite cross-art combinations.

Collaboration often helps you create more music — working alone can get boring and sometimes even a hindrance to be productive. A partnership can speed up the process significantly.

When it comes to reaching out to more audience, collaboration proves to be quite useful because all the musicians will combine their audience and will draw a larger pool.

By Patrick Hill on January 10, 2018.