Genuinely creates music from the heart which can make him a very relatable.

EMJAis a hip hop artist from Kansas City, Missouri. He has an old soul which holds music interest from the 70’s through early 2000’s hip hop. EMJA aspires to work with Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West; even though he believes that artists Smino and Noname are some of the most underrated artists and wishes to work with also.

During his career EMJA gains much of his support from close friends and families who have been very encouraging to his career in music. His greatest accomplishment with his music is the song “Shooting Stars,” this song reflects the many blocking stones that EMJA has encountered while trying to be successful and how he is finding ways around them. He claims that “I feel if I am able to encourage the next person and talk about topics as such as a artist that person would appreciate me more.” Being an independent artist, EMJA likes the growing aspect of it all. Because of being indie, you are forced to do everything yourself which can become tiresome at times but he knows that it shows people how bad he really wants it. EMJA’s musical influences came from listening to his father’s cassette tapes which consisted of Tupac’s albums. His favorite music albums are Drake’s Take Care and Kanye West’s Graduation album; these albums are what inspire him to be great at what he does.

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EMJA advises beginners to indie music to be prepare to work harder than they have ever worked before and to never get discouraged. When he performs he has the tendency of getting nervous because he is never sure on what type of crowd he is going to get, but with his determination and steadfastness, he can deliver every time he performs. EMJA’slatest release is Class of Unda Dawg; which overall reflects his journey in high school trying to become a rapper. “I feel like if I never met the people I went to school with I wouldn’t have gained the tools I needed to be as successful in my career in music.”