The world around every artist is highly competitive today. As a musician, you need to experiment with every strategy available to push yourself to the forefront of the industry.

Unless you are able to give what people expect, you are going to be sidelined by the others who are keen to do it. Especially in today’s music world survival means preserving the diversity and experimenting with new sounds. Here is how you can face it the most effective way.

One of the most common grievances people have about music today is that “Music is monotonous all around us” since “artists are not creating interesting music anymore”. The three minute and four-chord pop songs they listen on the radio have bored them enough. Record labels in the mainstream are the predominant type of music that reaches the public. With the shrinking number of recording labels, the focus is now enabling mass consumption to promote profits. Amidst this scenario, the independent models are becoming more important in order to safeguard the diversity of sound and promote creativity and cultural experience in popular music.

Down the history, we have been seeing different kinds of evolutions that music has undergone. Once upon a time, no record company was interested in recording race music and country music, what was otherwise called as hillbilly music. However, today they are among the most popular genres in the U.S. Hip-hop music had its beginnings on the streets and today it is one of the most popular mainstream music genres. Music can, therefore, be successful when it represents its environment.

As an independent artist, you have two options in front of you: either to preserve your own independent model or hop into the mainstream. Whatever be your stand, you need to build an independent model, experiment with different kinds of income streams, and prove your originality. To evolve in the field of music today, know that diversity is the key.

By Patrick Hill on April 28, 2018.