More often than not, every independent artist ponders on the question of selling more music online. It is not easy, but here are some techniques and strategies that will help you get there.


photo by Music Oomph

You have to be smart and conversant with the computer etc. to make sure that you don’t miss the bus of being a successful Indie musician.
Here are some helpful tips:

1. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative to be conversant with the computer, and there is no reason not to have a website. This is something you need to have to make sure people get to know you better and could contact you or even listen to your music. If possible, also get your website the feature to sell your music. Having a social media profile can’t be an excuse to not having a site.

2. Offer discount codes to new subscribers of your website. Sometimes, people forget to buy your music while you performed a live gig, and sometimes they are looking for a bit of incentive to spend money on your music.

3. A lot of musicians sell their online music in bundles like selling t-shirts, stickers, and even signed physical copies of the CDs, etc. This is an excellent way of reaching out to the fans who want the more real presence of music and the related stuff.

4. Email marketing, if done correctly, can be a great tool to reach out to potential listeners and audience who will buy your music. It is better to take the help of professional email marketers to generate more income.

5. Try creating an active Facebook page where you talk about music in general, maybe news and insights into that particular genre, tips, lessons and even your favorite songs, etc. could keep the page vibrant and active. This page can be used for the promotional purpose and create the buzz about your new music, which will lead to better sales.

By Patrick Hill on January 8, 2018.