To get your music online and available on various streaming portals, you will need the help of a distributor.

Chances are, you are already using some kind of service for this, right? But do you understand the payment percentage that you are paying to your distributor and whether it is worthwhile or not?

Well, most of the time, independent musicians do not understand the actual work done by a distributor and therefore end up paying a huge amount of commission for something that does not amount to any work.


Well, a music distributor does the same amount of work whether you sold your digital music for $1 or made millions through various efforts. There is nothing else that a distributor does. If you successfully promoted your music on a particular channel and made sales, there is no role of a distributor there — they just got you onboard and that’s it.

If you are paying a commission for every sale that you make, you are losing money or paying money for something that is never done — instead, pay a fixed amount of money to get your music on the desired number of platforms and that’s it. The music distributors work stops there — afterwards, whatever you do, it is your own effort.

To understand better, assume that you are paying 2% for your sales. If you sold your music worth of $1000, you are paying $20 for the work which is never required and never done — the distributor has done nothing in making your music sell. If you are making $10, the distributor has done nothing and at the same time if you made $1 mn, the distributor has done nothing — why should you pay a kind of tax on your income!

Make sure you understand this concept before you avail the services of any music distributor while selling music online.

By Patrick Hill on May 15, 2018.