The top podcasts to listen to in 2021 for a new or growing independent musician….

Indie Music Plus – find the best services and creative solutions for your independent music journey!

Independent Music Podcast – let’s check out the top ten newest songs in the world, regardless of style, genre, or country or origin! European pirate music, abstract techno, dark metal…this podcast knows no bounds!

Coverville – pour yourself into new music with Coverville, with 90-minutes of exploration into an artist, their album, and the stories behind their work.

The Unstarving Musician – deep dive into the world of music and how to be successful, with some of the music industry’s most successful veterans.

The Noisepop Podcast – discover the newest and most noteworthy developments from the independent and underground music scene.

No matter what you choose to listen to, there are countless valuable podcasts and resourses to help you grow as a musician in 2021!