As a musician, it is natural that you grew up with bandmates in schools and colleges. However, to find your new music accomplices you must make the right kind of search. Here are the places where you can look for bandmates.


“A group of four laughing men sits on an edge overlooking a green valley” by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Online search
Internet and the social media are the right places to begin your search. Many sites are exclusively designed for bringing musicians together. Focus on your search by including location, genre, and instrument. Some of the best sites to start with are,,,,,, and If you focus on the search rightly, you will find the ideal musician.

Enquire at the recording studios
Musicians throng at the recording studios and rehearsal rooms. Some bands could be looking for new member. Only when you ask, you will be able to get some useful information. Often the studio managers and sound personnel might know the right people matching with your needs.

Stick bills and posters
Though this is an age-old tactic, our experience reveals that this method works in many cases. However, you must be careful about what you post on the ads. The best places to hunt for musicians looking for a band are student halls and university campuses. You can also think of sticking the posers nearby the recording studios in your locality.

Search in your local scene
There is no better way to find the right musician for your band than meeting face to face with the fellow musicians in your local scene. This will help build useful contacts and relationships that will eventually turn into band members. Visit music stores, band events and gig nights to find musicians who are traveling in the same boat like yours. This will help you start a new music project with ease.

By Patrick Hill on February 17, 2018.