As an independent musician who is looking to establish oneself in the industry, it is always enriching to know how they did it — the players who are already there and have braced the currents of changing tides.

Kristen Speller, a Rock musician from Cape Verde shares her views on how the industry has changed for Indie artists and how she stays relevant in the age of streams and digital downloads.

She is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, dulcimer and guitar player. She was awarded The Global Peace Song Award for Best Rock Song in 2017 for her song

“Phoenix Rising Up.” For the same track, she was nominated for the 59th Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song too.

She opined: “As an Independent Artist who started performing at venues in 2005, the music industry has not only changed but the medium to be able to make a full-time living is obscure in this day and age. You can go back to the days of MySpace, then fast forward to the present day streaming apps. Streaming sites have given the grand old “CD” a place in its history considering that it will become obsolete in the next coming years. It has changed the dynamic of how I promote myself and how does this pertain to me as a Female Rock Musician.”

“As a self-promoting musician, I utilize our social media platforms as this is the best way for my brand not only a Rock Musician but as a Cape Verdean Rock Musician. I’m the first one in my family of musicians to be a female and in rock. It has given me an edge that has lent itself to not only obtaining sponsorships for cosmetic products, but it’s has helped to promote me in an unsaturated market for female musicians and has given me an “overall” distinct image. Now, we are a brand, and this is how we promote as such. Speller Productions has garnered me well.”

By Patrick Hill on April 19, 2018.