In the age of internet and mobile technology, it is very crucial as an independent artist to think global while marketing or advertising the music.


Why? Well, you don’t know where the potential listener may be located. The millennials or the young adults in almost all the countries, through the usage of internet and mobile technology, are exposed to all types of creative works. They are not nearly spoiled for choices that they can have when it comes to entertainment. Language, genre, category, or the type hardly matters — if it is produced right, it is good for almost everybody.

The digital market is global
Check any favorite music app, and it will have world categories and even specific-country-based categories to cater to the growing popularity of that kind of music in different countries. Think of Indian classical music and its fusion with the Western music getting popular in the UK, or North American Flute music getting popular in Japan. The permutation and combination of music type and the listeners are almost endless. So, it is always wise to think global when creating new music, hiring a marketer, or even a publication manager.

Getting reviewed worldwide
The online world offers great opportunities to connect with reviewers from across the globe and share music with them to be reviewed. These reviewers or bloggers have their own audience, and their reviews influence their audience like anything. If you get to write positively by those reviewers about your music, there is an excellent chance of getting your music across the audience of different countries.

Big media conglomerates and internet companies also work on this model because the size and demographics or their audience are always increasing, and they are looking to collaborate with more and more creative people who could provide them the content in any form — text, visual, audio, or video, and even VR.

The opportunity is there, but it requires connections and right kind of approach because getting your music across audiences of different countries may require different strategy and plan — you will need the help of local people to tap the market.

By Patrick Hill on December 27, 2017.