How to Monetize your Podcast through Affiliate Marketing

How to Monetize Your Podcast

If you are looking for tips on how to monetize your podcast, you are where you should be. While thinking about how to start a podcast, you should keep an eye on ways to monetize it. Although podcasting can be quite fun, generating money from your show will give you the right push you need […]

6 Tools To Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Monetize Your Podcast

We are in the golden age of podcasting; it is fast becoming the most popular communication channel on the internet today. Learning how to start a podcast has been simplified with the array of guides, tools, and resources available now. What is still a problem for most podcasters is learning the monetization of their podcast. Podcasting, […]

NFTs For Podcasters: How to Monetize a Podcast Via NFTs

It was during the summer of 2021 that we saw the explosive nature of NFTs; they are yet to show the signs of slowing down since then. As a podcaster, NFTs could be the route to fully understanding how to monetize a podcast and engage your listeners. Most importantly, NFTs could help you offer these […]

How Do Podcasts Make Money and How Long It Takes

How do podcasts make money

With the growing number of podcasts, the number of successful podcasters is also on the rise. Today, some podcasters have crossed the six-figure milestone and have taken podcasting as a full-time job. Making money from podcasting is not in doubt, but a factor of when. Let’s make this clear before we go ahead on reading […]