Making music independently and selling it without any professional support is a challenging task. However, the world of an independent artist is not all black provided particular strategy is planned and executed concerning production, promotion, and marketing.


However, a lot of artists fall prey to some mistakes that make it hard for them to sell their music. Here are some of such mistakes that every independent artist should avoid making:

No marketing is a big mistake. Apart from the music distribution sites like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon, you should also market your music on other social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogger outreach, etc. This will ensure a better sale of your digital music.

No personal website is another impediment that many artists face — you need to have a definite presence online so that people could feel connected to you and reach out to you if they want. Be as much available as you can.
Waiting for the ‘Big Break’ and not anything at all is another great mistake. You will get your break if you have it but till then, you should try making your music as accessible as you can. In the age of social media and internet, a lot of artists had become a celebrity online before they got any big break from a reputed label or record company.

Fearing criticism and feedback is another mistake that artists make because they are too sensitive. Presenting your music is like opening your soul to the attack, but that’s what it got to take. You should be ready to listen to the people who spent time on listening to your music and are willing to pass on the judgement. You will be much benefitted if you take that criticism in your stride and work on your shortcomings.

Not capitalizing on your live performances to sell your digital music online is another miss. Make sure you promote your online presence and availability of digital music at every live gig that you do. Make sure you make it count.

By Patrick Hill on January 15, 2018.