Gone are the days when as an Independent artist, you could think of mastering your music and sending them to radio channels because you got the equipment that didn’t need any professional help for producing music.


In the modern world of online and social media, making connections is more important than just being there — if you keep sending promotional emails, just like in the old times, musicians sent their CDs, your fans or listeners won’t be impressed. Make connections with them, and you will enjoy precious dividends.

Live gigs are your meeting joints
Don’t say no to small live gigs — these concerts could prove quite useful in striking a chord with your audience and you can invite them to connect with you through various online channels and social media profiles that you might be operating. You can ask them to subscribe to your mailing list. Some of them would love to volunteer for your online promotional work, and they will love to show your pictures (clicked with them) or selfies on their profiles giving you more social media exposure.

Once you are connected online, you can promote your music in so many ways. But always remember not to overdo the outreach — always send something which is worth their time. If they open your emails or messages and find that you have nothing good to say but only ‘did you hear my music,’ soon you will start losing your fans. The first rate of your emailers will go down, and many un-subscriptions will happen.

Grow gradually
If you are a small artist in terms of exposure and reach, don’t hanker after fame too early — grow slowly and win hearts because it is better to have an anticipating small crowd rather than a big stadium full of people who are there to admire each other’s clothes and not the sound of your music.

By Patrick Hill on January 24, 2018.