It is never late to return to your true passion or even find your calling! The mantra of success lies in pursuing your passion with full dedication and leaving no stone unturned to make it happen. Age, occupation, means, and even circumstances can’t play deterrents if you are truly up to achieve your goal. Indie artists have to do this, all the more. There is not a single day they can let their efforts down because they are a one-man industry.

We talked to Neil Tatar, a unique musician who plays both the guitar and the piano with equal virtuosity and dexterity. After being a performer, teacher, and composer of music for the last 35 years, he is enjoying a unique phase of fame and success writing his own compositions. An award-winning musician shares his views about the industry and his career.

Q1. You have taught, composed and performed music over the years — what kept you going?

My motivation has changed over time. Early in my career, I was eager to perform, mostly playing in bands. The energy found onstage, coupled with a desire to learn new and different material was of primary importance. However, I ultimately came to discover that my true passion was found in improvisation, leading me to my current interest in composing. The ability to express meaningful life stories in sound is reason enough to keep me going. I also am driven by the belief that my compositions add something peaceful to our “human dialog”, which cannot be measured simply in dollars and cents. Along the way, facilitating music improvisation workshops has been of continued importance. Working with people from diverse musical backgrounds is fascinating, and the focus of these sessions allows participants to discover their inner musical voice. It is quite rewarding.

Q2. The way the listeners listen to music has changed tremendously. Did it have an impact on you as a musician?

It has not affected me as a musician or as a composer in any way. However, it has affected me as a business person within the music industry. There are challenges we face involving methods of distribution. Streaming music is now providing a “rent to listen” model for the consumer. Actual sales of CD’s are greatly diminished, and pay per play offers little money, but the internet has also created a worldwide marketplace and significant exposure for my music.

Q3. What do you think sells your music in the present times?

I try to write music that is honest and comes from the heart. I compose pieces that are peaceful, reflective, and add something positive to the human dialog. My belief is that the world needs this more than ever.

Q4. Your advice to independent artists?

Clearly, follow your passion, and let the music lead you to the path that you follow — not the other way around. Define your goals, follow your heart, and keep out of your head!

By Patrick Hill on May 9, 2018.