We figured that you’d need information on how to promote a podcast in 2022.  That’s the purpose of this guide, to help you figure out ways of promoting your podcast in 2022.

Someone said that starting a podcast is quite simple; keeping it successful is challenging. If you haven’t heard, starting a podcast in 2022 is expected to be one of the major digital marketing trends of the year. By implication, you’ve got to work better and harder in 2022 as a podcaster.

All of the ideas and information on podcast marketing in 2022 that you’ll find in this guide were sourced from experienced and successful podcasters, podcasting conferences, Reddit posts, online forums, and marketing books.

If you check Disctopia, you’ll find dozens of podcast marketing resources. In the end, we are sure that you’ll experience an increase in the number of your podcast listenership. We’ll not be describing podcast marketing or anything; let’s jump into how to promote podcasts in 2022;

How to Promote a Podcast in 2022

  1. #Strategy 1: Create a Human and Relatable Voice
  2. #Strategy 2: You’ll Win Hearts With a Purpose Driven Podcast
  3. #Strategy 3: Pay Attention to Social Media Promotion for Your Podcast
  4. #Strategy 4: Bring Your Audience into the Fold and Create a Community
  5. #Strategy 5: Leverage on Your Podcast Guests
  6. #Strategy 6: Fresh, Relevant, and Timely Content All Year Round
  7. #Strategy 7: Do More Conversations and Less of Monologues
  8. #Strategy 8: Build a Personal Website and Brand Around your Podcast
  9. #Strategy 9: Share Stories, The Ones That Matters
  10. #Strategy 10: Optimize Your Podcast For SEO

In this piece, we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to promote a podcast in 2022 only if you can implement most or all of these strategies.

1. Create a Human and Relatable Voice for Your Podcast 

It’s either you are able to connect your podcast show to the listeners on a human level, or no one will be interested after the first listen. The podcasts that people love create an emotional connection with their audience.

You need to create content that makes your podcast be perceived as a friend, mentor, or guide. No one wants to hear soulless robots talk to them.

This is why we are recommending this strategy as the first. Your podcast needs to have a human trait with a voice full of character. In the end, you’ll never stop attracting your target listeners.

2. Win Hearts With a Purpose Driven Podcast 

According to Deloitte Insights, purpose is everything. This piece proved that purpose-driven brands witness higher market share and grow three times faster than their competitors.

This position can also be juxtaposed to podcasting. If you’d like to grow your listenership at a faster rate in 2022, you’d need to create deeper connections with your podcast audience purposely. This way, your podcast will enjoy listeners; loyalty, consistency, and relevance.

The position of Deloitte Insights was further bolstered by a piece by the Credit Union National Association. They established that purpose-driven brands outperform their competitors. Essentially, learning how to promote a podcast in 2022 should be purpose-driven.

As a podcast brand, you need to articulate your purpose for long-term success. See this as a mandate rather than an option.

3. Pay Attention to Social Media Promotion for Your Podcast

At Disctopia, we encourage our podcasters to pay attention to social media promotion. We are well aware of the potency of social media in promoting a podcast.

Not to scare you, but there’s a lot of competition out there in your podcast niche. However, taking the fight to social media could be a game-changer. If you take time to study successful podcasters killing it, you’ll see how serious they are with social media promotion.

There are more than a dozen ways to incorporate social media promotion into your podcast marketing. You don’t need to deploy all of these ways; take a few and take advantage of them. Don’t leave out any social media; take the fight everywhere.

4. Bring Your Audience into the Fold and Create a Community

Promoting your podcast in 2022 will require building a community for your listeners. With a community, you’ll see your listeners spreading the word about your podcast and striving hard for its growth.

Building a podcast community isn’t hard; you have to listen to the needs and yearnings of your existing and target listeners. You need to be able to foster authentic connections with your community. Know your audience and where to meet them.

You need to develop a shared purpose that aligns with the interest of your listeners. Indeed, community building is crucial to the success of a business.

5. Leverage on Your Podcast Guests

According to Joshua Schnell, the producer¬†of Re: Growth, they knew their guests were crucial to their success at the planning stage of Re: Growth. No doubt that growing a podcast audience is difficult; that’s the more reason why you need to bring on great guests and leverage on their network.

Most of the guests you’ll bring to your podcast are ready to help you with some form of marketing; all you have to do is make it easy for them.

Create enough promotion material for your guests by pulling quotes from their opinion, making audiograms, and letting your guest know when their episode will be released.

6. Fresh, Relevant, and Timely Content All Year Round

Fresh and engaging content takes time, but it’s worth all the energy and investment. There’s no better strategy to build a loyal fanbase for your podcast show than giving them relevant content at every episode.

Every time they tune in to listen to your podcast, ensure you are serving them content better than the previous episodes. It’s not easy coming up with fresh ideas every now and then but makes sure you never run out of ideas.

Take advantage of resources such as the Top 100 Podcast Ideas and Topics of 2022This way, you’d always have something fresh to discuss on your show. In no time, you’d find it easier to attract and retain new listeners.

7. Do More Conversations and Less of Monologues

We’ve all seen what Joe Rogan has achieved with long-form conversations on his podcast show. If Joe could do it and succeed, nothing should stop you also. With the impact, relevance, and popularity of The Joe Rogan Experience, we’ve seen how powerful conversations with celebrities, influencers, and thought leaders can be.

People are tired of the radio; that’s why they shifted to listening to podcasts. Why will you now be producing podcasts that sound like a radio show? If you’re interested in growing your podcast in 2022, you need to reformat your podcast from a monologue to a conversation.

With a conversation, you will be making it easier for your listeners to relate with you and your guest.

8. Build a Personal Website and Blog Around your Podcast

We hope you have a website and blog for your podcast show. If you don’t, you are missing out on a major stream of traffic to your podcast show. There’s a crop of an audience that a website and blog attracts; you need them.

In our guide on How to Start a Podcastwe emphasized heavily starting a podcast website and blog. While you have a podcast host, you can also embed your show on your website. You are giving your audience options on where to listen to your show.

One of the crucial pages you must have on your podcast website should be an about us page. Make it descriptive enough to tell the visitors what your podcast is about. Most importantly, convince them to subscribe and listen to an episode of your podcast.

9. Share Stories, The Ones That Matters

When you begin with a story, you’d capture your listeners’ attention and are inspired to stay for more. Any podcast content without the right story is insufficient to lure your target audience.

Capturing attention and engaging your audience is a proven way to promote your podcast in 2022. According to Groove HQ, implementing storytelling in podcasting can increase listeners’ engagement by 300%.

Storytelling in podcasting means you’d have to take control of the structure, emotions, music, pacing, and scenario. Podcast storytelling is a potent tool that helps you make an impact.

10. Optimize Your Podcast For SEO

Learning how to make your podcast rank is the best way to promote your podcast in 2022. According to Search Engine Journal, knowing how to make your podcast episodes, SEO-friendly is necessary for gaining visibility.

Start by making your podcast episode SEO compliant. This can only be done by knowing the trending topics and keywords. Before recording an episode, carry out keyword research which you’ll use in your podcast transcription.

Another approach is to transcribe your podcast. Although this can be tedious, it’s the best means to use the right keywords.

Key Takeaways on Podcast Marketing in 2022 

Regardless of what you intend to achieve out of podcasting in 2022, we hope this guide will bring you closer to these goals.

However, at the base of successful podcast marketing in 2022 is the need to have amazing podcast content. Then you can start experimenting and implementing these strategies on promoting podcasts in 2022.

Summarily, know that podcast marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. Think of promoting your podcast show as a constant and continuous activity.