As an independent artist, you need to make sure that you knew in the music industry — well, you want to be known as a musician, right?


If you have good networking in the music industry, you will get many benefits including endorsements, collaborations, and even business. However, if you a newbie and do not know how to network, here are some tips that could help:

  • All the artists, marketing professionals, records, brands, event managers — you name it and they have some kind of social media account. Start networking on the social media itself. For this, you also need to have your own social media channels professionally maintained.
  • Attend events that are related to the music industry — not simply awards but gigs, conferences, and even lectures, fairs and workshops (if possible). This will help you in knowing various kind of people who work in the industry and may also help in your own career.
  • Keep your info in hand — a simple business card with your contact info could help but never go empty-handed. It makes professional sense to have your contact info ready when you meet somebody at such an event. It shows your willingness to reach out and connect, and also serves as an invitation for others to reach out to you.
  • If you know the agenda of the event and you know what kind of people you could meet, it is better to have a plan or certain preparation about a proposal or an offer. People like to hear something exciting and if you have already that in your mind, you can strike a deal quickly.
  • Avoid hard-selling yourself because it is a not a sales event — you are there to meet and very subtly convey what you are good at. Also, if there is a possibility of a collaboration, try giving yourself first before you expect others to help you.

By Patrick Hill on March 30, 2018.