As an Indie artist, every person that supports your music or is willing to pay for your music is an asset — there are some estimates that if you have close to 1,000 supporters who are eager to spend money on your music, you can make a living as an independent artist.


But if you haven’t reached that number or even if you have reached, it is always important to know how to convert casual new listeners into superfans who would be ready to shell out some money for your music, whether it is a digital download, purchasing your CD or paying for a ticket to listen to you in person.

Here are some simple tricks to keep them engaged:

  • Perform in smaller venues because it will offer more chances of direct interactions with the fans and there could be a possibility of building relationships that could last longer.
  • Always be open to hanging around after your performances. A lot of people like to talk and get to know the artists better and there is nothing better than earning a fan like this — remember, a fan can act as the greatest marketing tool for you and your art!
  • If possible, send exclusive emails to the fans that have connected with your personality and have made efforts to reach out to you. This shows that you care for them and builds a very strong relationship.
  • On your social media profile or your website, you can run a competition around your music, music in general or a theme and engage the fans in a very interesting way. Online competitions are quite popular and you can give away your music CDs, merchandise, and other stuff as prizes. Cash is not important!
  • Try making music videos that involve your fans — this is personally very encouraging for the fans and you can gain a dedicated audience from your regular fans.

By Patrick Hill on March 16, 2018.