While creating an album artwork, you must always give top priority to the looks since it is going to be the first attention-grabber and decide whether the viewers will pick up your CD or view your profile.


Even for a great sounding music, the artwork for the EP or album requires a lot of effort as it provides a great way to stand out and get noticed among the thousands already out there.

Tips To Get Your Album Artwork Noticed:

  • Create an original idea

Invent an original idea by spending some time within the band and discovering what trends and themes you can project. This will help decide what to put on the blank canvas or brief the designer.

  • Take inspiration from other artists

While creating original ideas can be a tough job, you can always gather some tips and inspiration from other works. Never copy them, but take the ideas to evolve something original for you.

  • Hire professionals

If you are not a proficient designer, hire a professional graphic designer who can understand your aspirations and translate them into beautiful graphic works. Reaching out student designers can work out cheaper and more effective at times.

  • Create one yourself

If you know the basics of designing, you can create your own graphics by taking support from the free image editing websites and software available online. Free image editing and processing tools like Pixlr, Inkscape, TAD, and Gimp are great ways to design your own graphics within a budget.

  • Make use of free stock images

While hunting for a perfect background for your artwork, you can download some free to use stock images. Pexels can fulfil all your stock image needs. All the pictures you find on this site are completely free for any use and so you do not have to worry about copyright issues. You can download them, modify them and also distribute them in the way you want.

By Patrick Hill on March 22, 2018.