Independent musicians must be doing a lot of things to market their music.


While radios are a great way to reach new fans, it is necessary to know how to get your music successfully played on the radios. In the first place, what and how you send them is very important to sound like a professional and influence the radio station manager positively.

Make a connection

Before you send a CD, it is important to make a connection with the radio station authorities. This can be in the form of a dialogue or correspondence via email, phone or social media. This will help you save from the risk of your entry being tossed into the bin amidst the thousands they receive daily. Know that building relationship always matter.

What to include

The most important thing to include in your album or EP. This is the principal reason why you send a mail to them. However, some extra touches can make an impact. Make a personal letter since very few artists take time to do that. And so you will have a chance to stand out unique. Refer to the conversation you had with them and thank them for considering your music and tell them how much excitement you are to be included in their programs. A short bio and a photo of you or your band are good inclusions as well. These things can help effectively bridge the digital gap.

What to avoid

Never include tons of tiring promotional material. While this can increase your shipping price, it will bore them and put them off. However, do include a good write-up if the station manager has specifically asked for it. At the same time, mailing a CD without any write-up or note or biographical info is never going to take your material any forward. Remember the initial connection you make with the station authorities is what is going to deepen the relationship you started.

By Patrick Hill on April 7, 2018.