As much as you would have loved, you can’t just use any music that comes to mind in your podcast. You have favorites songs or artists that you would have loved to use their music as an intro, outro, or background music. As tempting as it might appear, please don’t do it.

We live in the days of strict copyright laws and music licensing, all of which can fast get you into trouble. Regardless of how tough this can be, you still need to rely on music and sound effects to give your podcast the right packaging it needs. This is where you need to rely on royalty-free music and sounds.

PS: If you are wondering why you can’t use just any music, it’s simple. Using copyrighted materials in your podcast is against the terms and conditions of Disctopia, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all podcast platforms. You may find yourself starting all over again just because of your love for a song.

What can you use as music and sound effect for your podcast, and where can you find it? That’s the mystery we are trying to solve with this blog post. Know that there are free resources, and there are paid ones also. It’s all a factor of what you intend to achieve and your budget.

Let’s dive into the royalty-free music for your podcast;

1. YouTube Audio Library

Free Music For Podcast

This is where it’s best to start your search for free music for your podcast. Unfortunately, not many podcasters know the extensive catalog of music and sound available on YouTube Audio Library.

All it takes is a YouTube account, and you have access to unlimited downloads of these resources.

It’s pretty easy to comb through YouTube Audio Library as you can search using different parameters; name, genre, track name, and even mood.

2. Pixabay Music

Free Music For Podcast

Pixabay is a growing and established community of creators positioned to help content creators like you. It offers an extensive library that is filled with royalty-free music for podcasts, videos, and even images. Think of Pixabay as a one-stop-shop for all resources required to help your content creation processes.

You can search using genre and moods. With Pixabay, you cannot run out of sound effects that soothe the ear as a background sound.

Despite the vast library, all resources on Pixabay are copyright-free. No need for credit or paying a fee.

3. Musopen

Free Music For Podcast

Musopen’s tagline is about setting music free, and it has come through with this promise for thousands of podcasters. Even though it’s a non-profit organization, Musopen has proven to be the trusted source for free music, especially classical tunes.

If you want to make use of Baroque, Renaissance, or any 21st-century music in your podcast, then you should head to Musopen.

One exciting feature of Musopen is its intuitive search function and rating system. With these two features, you won’t have to search far for the right music. Lastly, you don’t even have to register to access Musopen’s library.

4. 909 Music

Free Music For Podcast

While domiciled on Soundcloud, 909 Music provides royalty-free inspirational music that can be used for advertising, TV, film, podcasting, and others.

909 Music’s library might currently be small, but it’s growing with contributions by different artists.

The unique selling point of 909 Music lies in its modern and cutting-edge sounds that blend perfectly as intro, outro, and theme songs. All you need is to find the sound and music best for your podcast, download, and start using it.


According to, is one of the best resources for royalty-free music for a podcast on the internet today. However, you need to follow on social media and give them credit. That should not be difficult, right? Then you are good to go.

All content creators, including podcasters, can use the music on; there are no limitations to usage.

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