Good press releases help grab the media attention and provide highly efficient blog coverage. Here are a few expert tips on how to produce a great press release that will be compelling and highly interesting for journals and bloggers.


Make it as appealing as possible
Music bloggers get hundreds of press releases and emails every day. Hence it is essential to strike the nail on its head and convey your point clearly to be grasped quickly with just a very few clicks. Also, if the news you provide is exciting, some bloggers might just copy and paste the contents of your blobs into new posts without taking your permission. Beware of this too.

Provide a catchy subject line
Make the subject line attention-grabbing, interesting and exciting so that it will never be ignored. Some of the interesting elements that can make it more interesting are topics like your tours, reflections on popular issues, interesting musical videos, and collaboration with famous producers and artists. A memorable and catchy subject line containing an interesting idea can compel the audience to read it.

Sending attachments is a bad idea
Due to the risks connected to downloading attachments from unknown sources, it is most likely that your emails with attachments are merely ignored and even deleted. Hence rather than attaching any files to your emails, directly copy the press release in the body of the email providing links to your tracks on popular streaming platforms. Do not attach MP3 files of your music if it is not officially released yet. Private SoundCloud link or unlisted YouTube video will be useful in this regard when you want the audience to view it before the date of release.

Include your website and social media links
Press releases must provide links to your site, social media pages, and press shots. This will make it easy for the bloggers to tag you in posts or get a good picture of you for their featured image. Also setting up a Dropbox or Google Drive link is a good idea to provide access to some essentials like pictures, logos and artist information.

By Patrick Hill on February 2, 2018.