The best thing about being an independent artist is the ability to create



Being an independent artist, Dutch feels that the best thing is the ability to create. There are no real boundaries or anyone to second guess your creativity. The downfall is the lack of resources. (See Disctopia) He thinks a lot of talented artists go unheard because they weren’t as good at marketing and promoting as they are writing a song; which is very true in most cases.

Dutch’s last release is entitled Keep it G Hour which really focuses on him expressing his honest emotions in its truest form. The tracks consist of content that he discussed with his friends on a daily basis; talking about the state of hip hop, the struggles of a starving artist to becoming local famous, things that distract you from your goals, and a few other testimonies. His music is very comfortable, not only does it make you feel good, but it motivates you to do better. It leaves you feeling safe that someone with talent and potential deals with the same as people who may very well be challenged to expand your talents and potential due to everyday life. Dutch says that his music is for the stoners, the homers, the people who like to cruise in the whip with the windows down. These are 808’s with a story to tell.