How To Use Playlists to Market Your Music

How To Use Playlists to Market Your Music

When it comes to music, trends come and go, but playlists always remain. That’s why you need to learn how to use playlists to market your music. This is why it’s the wish and dream of every music artist and songwriter to rank at the top of a music playlist. If your goal as an […]

Independent Artists: 6 Thing You’re Forgetting to Do

The music industry can be fun but not as romantic as social media paints it. It will take a couple of rising and falling to master the inner workings of the music industry. We want to spare you the painful lessons other successful indie artists had to go through. Let’s get it straight; it’s pretty […]


2021 All Things Go Music Festival returns on Saturday, October sixteenth, and takes significant action to the 20,000 limits Merriweather Post Pavilion set. The celebration proceeds with its female-forward charging with the current year’s main event and Grammy Album Of The Year candidate, HAIM – notwithstanding St. Vincent, Charli XCX, and LAUV at the highest […]

Disctopia Launches New Dashboard Tailored to Needs of Independent Creatives

Disctopia today announces the launch of a brand new dashboard to help creators in the music industry effectively upload podcasts and music, and sell merchandise in one cohesive location. This new dashboard will perform deep reporting and analytics for musicians and podcasters, all while making their creative content easily accessible through a streamlined user interface. […]

Understanding Podcast Analytics as a Disctopia Creator

Understanding Podcast Analytics

One goldmine podcasters have failed to take advantage of is the understanding podcast analytics. Our focus in the piece is directed at podcasters and how every of your podcast episode is what your audience wants. We are in the age of data, and being creative won’t be enough to help you as a podcast. Data […]

How Do Podcasts Make Money and How Long It Takes

How do podcasts make money

With the growing number of podcasts, the number of successful podcasters is also on the rise. Today, some podcasters have crossed the six-figure milestone and have taken podcasting as a full-time job. Making money from podcasting is not in doubt, but a factor of when. Let’s make this clear before we go ahead on reading […]

5 Principles of Psychology to Improve and Sell Indie Music

Principles of Psychology to Improve and Sell More Indie Music

As an indie artist, you have a powerful tool in your hand to improve your revenue, and it’s the principles of psychology. Music has always been an important aspect of the human subconscious. It affects our state of mind, memory recall, energy level, and behavior. That’s why thousands of brands rely on music in connecting […]

At-Home Recording On A Budget

We know what it’s like to be a passionate artist.  You sacrifice your time, stability, energy and so much else to create.  But one thing you shouldn’t have to sacrifice is good sound.  Through Disctopia our commitment has always been to empower dedicated artists, podcasters and content creators like you to be their most authentic […]

15 Things You Should Know About Independent Artists

Independent Artists

Indie music isn’t new; what is new is the relevance and attention it has gained in recent times. It has become a significant music category with significant artists who have gained fame. That’s not to ignore the thousands of indie artists that are unknown, unsigned and without any guarantee of success. There’s quite a lot […]