To focus directly on the title of the topic, we talked to Sherry Finzer, a new-age flutist who also runs Heart Dance Recordings — a label that concentrates on healing music, and this is what she has to say in detail about making it there as an independent artist:


“Today’s music industry is ever-changing. CD’s and downloads are becoming as irrelevant as 8-track and cassette tapes as everything is moving to a streaming format. So how does any musician stay relevant, let alone a New Age flutist? In this era, attention spans have become much shorter. Anything that happened yesterday is old news, so it makes it more challenging for people to remember you and your music. It is important to keep producing new music. Success does not happen overnight for most of us. It is a long, steep climb, and tons of hard work. It is also important to get your music heard and built your following. My advice to other fellow flutists and musicians is to get your music heard on as many outlets as possible, including radio and streaming services. It truly is a team effort these days. Even if you are on a label, you as the artist need to take an active role in promoting yourself and your music on social media, building an email list and getting people to follow you on platforms like Pandora and Spotify. Also finding outlets where your music is a good fit and giving them a copy of your latest CD to play in their store, use for their yoga class, etc. has been beneficial to me as a musician. As my 96-year old grandmother always said — never give up! Just keep going! Be creative and always look for new opportunities that may arise to promote your music.”

Well, a piece of advice can’t be put in better words than this. As an indie artist looking to sustain on music, you got to do it all and stay on the track. You will get there!