Go above and beyond simple rhythmic bars…

Straight out of Compton, literally and figuratively Kendrick Lamar has managed to enter and in many peoples opinion take over the game. With his amazing and influential versus he has managed to prove in five short years, that he truly is one of the best to ever do it. With influences from Tupac, to NAS; Kendrick has managed to go above and beyond simple rhythmic bars and here are three reason why we may never see it again.



Kendrick Lamar • Rolling Loud 17’ : Aaron Ricketts

Never fails to impress and capture the attention of millions with his colorful imagery and meaningful story telling skills. Kendrick is very talented and holds so many artistic abilities that play a big part in his music. The part about those “millions of people” is that it started very indie and organic. In 2010 Kendrick gained attraction with the release of Overly Dedicated, also known as “the album that birthed Kendrick Lamar’s career.” Following this album, Kendrick dropped Section 80 in 2011 which became known as “one of the top independent label digital releases” and then just the next year he released Good Kid, M.A.A.D City which officially marked his crossover. From the beginning of his career Kendrick has consistently impressed.

Gives us something that’s relate-able, Kendrick Lamar is very keen with his flow and messages to his fans. Life struggles, spiritual battles, and black injustices are all important themes that surface throughout Kendrick’s music. Many of his fans can relate to his music which is why he gains such credibility and props for his connectivity with past experiences. His music has so much appeal and potential to hit top of the charts every time.

A much respected voice, it is safe to say that there is no other rapper that sounds or raps remotely close to Kendrick Lamar. He has ingeniously created his own unique sound and has mastered it within each of his albums. Nothing but great things are expected for Kendrick’s future especially if he keeps the same fire that he entered the game with.

Kendrick Lamar • Rolling Loud 17’ : Aaron Ricketts

By Patrick Hill on June 15, 2017.